Call it what you want…


You can call it an Icee, Slurpee, Slushy, but it is what it is – a frozen coke.  It’s pure joy in a cup.  Smooth, cold, drinkable, yummy.  My favorite by far comes from Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, but Burger King is my next go-to, mainly because they have a convenient drive-thru.

I’ve always loved Frozen Cokes.  I have fond memories of my friends and I riding our bikes to the nearest 7-11, getting the largest Slurpee size possible, then trying to ride all the way back home without spilling any of it (while our hands slowly froze).  Then 7-11s started closing all around me, and it was years before I discovered that Burger King was selling them.  I also happened to be pregnant with Emily at the time, so I quickly became addicted via baby-in-my-belly.  By the time I was pregnant with Julia 5 years later, it was a twice a week treat.  I remember one day I somehow had two of them, and then Jay surprised me with one when he came home from work, making it a triple-hitter.  THAT was a good day!

Since I knew that I would be returning to work this school year, I wanted to start a tradition with Emily during my last year as a stay-at-home mom.  So one Friday when I picked her up from school and learned that she had won the class privilege of bringing home Peter Panda for the weekend it was a no-brainer – we needed to celebrate with Frozen Cokes!  And thus Frozen Coke Fridays were born!

Jay says that Frozen Cokes are my happy place.  When I have a bad day, it’s what puts a guaranteed smile on my face.  Along with him and my beauties, of course… 🙂


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