Icy Smiles

I’ve been home for a year.  Now I’m back at work in a school where the kids require more than a few quiet reminders to do their work/sit down/pay attention… etc.  What does this mean?  It means on day 13 of the new school year I’ve completely lost my voice and had to call in sick and now I’m stuck on the couch all weekend NOT TALKING so that I can be sure to go to work on Monday.  Boo.  It’s very hard not saying everything that pops right into my head, but I guess that it’s probably a welcome change for everyone around me.

This school year has been very tough for me already.  I’ll get into that another time, but I’ll just say that if someone is asking how they can pray for me I haven’t made it a secret that it’s been hard to find joy in my job right now.   I don’t really think it serves any purpose to sugar-coat things or pretend things are better than they are.  I think silver linings occur quite naturally all around us, and I try to focus on those things and hold onto them to get me through the tough days.

Last night, as I was sitting on the couch (not talking) entering my students’ Reading scores on a spreadsheet I got a call from a sweet friend at church.  She had been given 4 tickets and a free parking pass to Disney on Ice for an 11a showing this morning.  She knew that things had not been going well for me and since she couldn’t use the tickets she thought it might be something fun to take my mind off of work.  She was right!  Jay & I decided that I should take Emily since Julia would most likely hate sitting in a seat quietly for 2 hours.  🙂

We had no idea that the tickets were for a private suite!  Emily & I actually left our seats to find someone to double-check our tickets because I was worried that someone would come throw us out.  But nope – they were our seats!  Emily & I had a great time watching the show.  And I LOVED that Ariel was the only featured princess (of course I cried).  We had the whole place to ourselves, so we sat in just about every seat in the suite.  And of course we used the private bathroom (even though we didn’t have to go).

Enjoying a GIANT tub of popcorn! (And yes, she ate almost all of it herself!)

Emily has a very natural and strong bond with Jay – they are so alike in personality sometimes it’s scary.  But, like so many parent-child relationships, Emily & I tend to butt heads quite a bit.  I am so grateful for Jay for staying home with Julia so that I could have an opportunity to be the “fun” parent, a role he typically gets because, well, he’s Daddy.  I love that he helps foster a strong bond between her & I since it does not come so easily to us.

Erin & Jay, today you were my smiles.


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