Gearing up to say goodbye…

My almost 2-year old still uses a pacifier.  I’m sure to a few of those out there in Mommyhood this isn’t that big a deal, and I certainly don’t care what other moms do with their toddlers.  But to me, it’s just too old.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 10.55.53 PM

Like every other parent Jay & I had a choice: pacifier or thumb?  I had taught for 4 years before I had Emily, and had more than a few 6 & 7 year olds in my class who still sucked their thumb.  It seriously grossed me out.  I have nothing against a toddler sucking their thumb, but it just eeks me out to see a grade-schooler still doing it.  Like nails on a chalkboard.  Chills.  So we joined the ranks of pacifier fans.  We liked knowing that we could take away the paci when we wanted to, whereas we are TOTALLY opposed to getting rid of the girls’ thumbs.  They have cute thumbs, and we like them.

We bought a ton of different pacifiers since we didn’t know what Emily would like.  Then, at the hospital, the nurses give her the ugliest green pacifier I’d ever seen.  Of course, she loved it.  So we did what every parent would do – we threw out the 400+ pacifiers we had already opened, sterilized, and spread out all over the house, cars, and diaper bag and rushed right out to buy 400+ Soothies.  Emily loved those silly things, and we grew to love them too.  When she was about 11 months old, we started slowly weaning her off of them.  First, they weren’t allowed when she was awake in the house, then not in the car, then not in the stroller.  Then we took them away at naptime and finally, bedtime.  She fussed a bit at each change, but was easily distracted with a Cheerio snack.  The whole process took about a month, and we threw out the last one when she was a little over a year old.

Enter Julia.  This time, we were smarter.  We started out with the 400+ Soothies, and only had 3-4 alternatives just in case she hated them.  But alas, Julia only wanted ME.  I quickly became a human pacifier, and it was only when we decided that breastfeeding wasn’t working for our family that she finally gave them a try.  We were confident that having successfully weaned Emily away from the paci we’d be able to do it again.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Those of you who know Julia have permission to laugh at us now too.


Our pacifier junkie at 13 months old.

It’s time to do this.  We now have the perfect “Get Rid of the Paci” trifecta:  I’m not working, Julia’s perfectly healthy, and I’m 100% determined to end their relationship.  Can’t wait to see how this goes.


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