I’m a 3-Mile Runner Now!

I finally did it!  Tonight I ran 3 miles!

Ok – speech time.  I’d like to thank my running shoes, my Thorlos, and my running clothes for making me feel cool enough to step outside my front door.  I’d like to thank my iPod for selecting the perfect song to keep me going at the end – Wholly Yours by David Crowder Band.  And I’d like to thank my husband for making me feel like a hottie whenever I get back even though I’m really just a hot mess.

Today is July 4th.  I guess thinking about that while I ran tonight is what motivated me to go that extra half mile more than I usually run.  America is the country where you can make your dreams come true.  And it may be a silly connection, but it’s always been a dream of mine to call myself a 5K runner.  So, 18 months ago I decided to do something about it.  And here I am now!  (Yes, I know a 5K is technically 3.1 miles, but I’m pretty stoked anyway).

Now, I would have loved to have accomplished this goal much sooner – I certainly didn’t mean for it to take this long!  But there were a few things holding me back:

  • The weather here is crazy, making it tricky to find a good time to head out
  • I was pretty sick the entire school year
  • I can’t take the girls with me – there are currently no training wheels on Emily’s bike (it’s a summer goal).
  • Flat tires on the jogging stroller
  • Jay’s crazy work schedule

I hope that this small accomplishment teaches my beauties something.  Sugarbear and Julieboo, never give up.  We live in a country where you really can make your dreams come true, no matter how small and silly they might be.  It might take a bit longer than you hoped, and you might have some major setbacks along the way, but keep at it.  You’ll get there.  Know that I’ll be rooting for you the whole time.  And when you do reach that goal, I hope you feel as happy as I do right now.

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 8.32.28 PM
A gift of encouragement from my hubby.

4 thoughts on “I’m a 3-Mile Runner Now!

  1. Well, Hot Dog! we have a Runner in the family! Now, I need to work on my walking! I am so Dang Proud of you, Susie!! You are definitely one to work on a goal until you accomplish it. Congratulations!! Love You!

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