Running vs. Jogging

This was something that was going through my head as I went running this morning.  Or maybe I was jogging?  Hmmmm…

Since I started pounding the pavement I’ve wondered what the difference really is between running and jogging.  I figured it had something to do with speed – jogging definitely sounds slower than running.  So I decided early on that it sounded much cooler to say that I’m a runner instead of saying that I’m a jogger, and I’ve just called myself a runner from day one.

I think the reason this debate (in my head) resurfaced a year after I’d chosen my side is because I’ve started to notice that people either refer to themselves as one or the other.  While talking to friends and even strangers it seems that they either identify themselves as a runner or a jogger.  The two are never intertwined.  And I’m guilty of it too – I’m very careful not to call myself a jogger.  I swear, I have nothing against jogging!

I went digging today, and it looks like I was right – I found an article on a blog that basically breaks it down like this: if you can complete a mile in 9 minutes or less, then you are a runner.  If it takes you longer than 9 minutes to complete a mile, you are a jogger.  Me? I run about a 10-12 minute mile.


I guess in my head I’ve always known I was a jogger and not a runner.  I never did feel quite fast enough to call myself a runner.  In my defense, speed has never been my thing.  Even when I was on the swim team in high school I did much better in the endurance races than I did in the speed races.  It’s not that I don’t try to go faster, I just can’t seem to do it.

If it’s okay with the running world, I think I’m going to continue to call myself a runner.  I think it motivates me to move faster. Maybe one day I’ll actually be a runner for real.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.03.37 PM
It can be our little secret, okay?

5 thoughts on “Running vs. Jogging

  1. We, this is a bummer isn’t it?!?! I’m still going to call myself a runner too… If you won’t tell, I won’t either!! 😉 Love ya!

  2. Uh… seems you already fessed up… but here’s my thought. I’ve always thought that joggers were those who, yes, run slower but also alternate walking & running (that would be me, once I get there) but runners, run the entire route. Also, Dad say’s you’re faster than 10 – 12 minutes… so You’re good! You’re my Runner Baby!! Sanne… you’re in training. ‘Nuff said.

    1. It’s funny you said that, because after I posted that I read somewhere that it’s actually 9MPH or more is considered running, anything less is jogging. But then Wikipedia says that jogging and sprinting are all covered under the term “running,” so who knows! And I love that you are talking about getting there with walking and running! 🙂

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