Things I’ve Learned While Running

When I run, I think.  Music or not, my brain is a-rolling.

And here (in no particular order) are some things that have been on my mind during these runs.

  • I always prefer to run into the wind when Im starting my run.  That way when I’m getting winded and tired on the way back the wind is kinda pushing me along, helping me get back home.
  • Baseball players all look alike to me.  At least when they are under 15 years old.
  • Some people have no business operating a grill.
  • Some people should open a grilling academy.  And invite me over to eat as I run by their backyard.
  • My dad used to tell us as kids not to stick our hand out of a car window because there might be a bee flying by and we might get stung on our hand.  It made me nervous for the longest time, but I finally got over it.  For some reason this idea has crept back into my head and now when I run I can always imagine myself running smack into a bee’s sharp heiney and getting stung.  I looked up the chances of this, and I couldn’t really find any information other than the fact that cyclists seem to get stung more than runners.  Whew.

Happy I won’t likely be stung again… at least, not while running.

  • If you have trouble walking at a normal pace without tripping or crashing into things, I HIGHLY recommend not trying to do any of the following while running: closing your eyes, braiding your hair, or Prancercizing.  Please don’t ask why I even tried the last one.
  • Running at just the right time of day with the sun at my back has become a key factor in my running success.  If the sun is low enough in the sky it creates a shadow where my hips would make a rhino jealous.  Seeing this makes me move faster.
  • Smelly dudes also make me run faster, just to get away from them.
  • If you’re a socal person it’s perfectly fine to smile and give a little “hello” to people as you run by.  Be ready to run faster if any of those people decide to start running after you though.  Unless they are 4 years old and want to show you how fast they are.  That was a good day.
  • If you EVER have a chance to run on one of these babies, DO IT!


I’m sure there will be more observations and thoughts as I keep running… these were just frequent offenders.

Maybe eventually I’ll start thinking of more serious things.  Hmmmm…. nah.  I’m not going to work myself THAT hard!


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