Time Out!

I think I’ve mentioned that we have a 2-year old.  Ah yes… our beloved Julieboo.  The girl who brought spice into our lives that we never knew we were missing.  Or so we like to say. Well, Julia has entered the infamous “Terrible Twos,” and like everything else she’s faced in life she’s going into this full-force.  No holds barred.  Absolutely no one is going to do it better than her.

Without going into too many gory details, my hubby and I have decided that it’s time.  Time to break out an official “Time Out” spot in the house.  At 3 years old Sugarbear went through about one month of tantrums, and because the words “time out” completely freaked her out we had a “crying spot” with just a picture of a crying girl taped to the wall.  That would never work for Julia… while Emily wouldn’t dream of touching the picture we know Julia would rip that girl off the wall before you could blink.  So we wanted something more solid, more defined. I’d seen some super cute time out chairs on Pinterest, and after getting inspired I decided to try to make one for Julia!

I went to IKEA and grabbed one of their KRITTER chairs for about $13.  They came in red, white, and blue, and since it was going to be Julia’s chair I let her choose the one she liked best.  She obviously didn’t realize she was choosing her tushie’s new favorite color.  Sorry, momma humor.


Next, I looked around online for a font that I liked.  There are TONS of free fonts online, and I like this website for projects like this. I chose a font called Flow, downloaded it (for free!) then typed and printed the words “Time Out.”  I had to print them up a couple of times, resizing them as I went until I liked the way they fit on the chair. Then I cut the words out as shown.


Next I flipped the words over so that I was looking at the back. This step works better if the letters are printed as dark as possible (instead of quick-print or draft printing). I also recommend doing this step on a few white sheets of paper because it will help the letters to be seen more easily through the back of the paper. Using a pencil I traced over each letter on the back of the paper.  I was very liberal with my pencil, tracing the letters neatly over and over so that I got a good deal of pencil on the paper. When I was done I ended up with my words traced in reverse.


Once I had my letters traced I flipped them back over and taped them where I wanted them on the chair.  Then I simply traced the letters again, this time on the side with the printed ink.  I wasn’t worried about being exact – since I was aiming to transfer the pencil from the reverse side I knew it didn’t really matter how careful I was on the top.


Once I was done I removed the paper.  It’s hard to see, but I was left with faint pencil lines on the seat of the chair outlining the letters.  Voila!


Now I was ready to paint.  All I needed was a thin-tipped paintbrush, acrylic paint, and an ashtray – my favorite thing to use as a paint tray. The notches in the ashtray work very well as paintbrush holders.


The first thing I did was paint all the letters black.  I didn’t like the dot over the “i” the way it was designed in the font, so I decided to fill it in.  After the letters were dry, I traced around each letter with a white acrylic paint using an even finer brush than I had with the black.


I left it like that for a day or two, then decided to add some little white dots around the edges to jazz it up a bit.  It reminds me a little of nailheads in a fancy armchair.  I also added the white dots at the bottom of each chair leg.


And here’s where she stands – er – sits.  I chose a spot that was pretty central downstairs in our house – this little wall connects the dining room and kitchen and is just a step away from our living room.


I also bought a small black timer from IKEA that I had intended to glue to the front of the backrest of the chair (like some I saw on Pinterest), but in the end it just seemed like it would be something that would either drive Julia crazy – who wants to lean on that? – or something she’d just play with – but of course time-outs shouldn’t be fun.  So for now it just sits in a bowl nearby on the counter.

I am absolutely thrilled with the way that the chair turned out, although I can’t help feeling that it needs something else.  I may decide to add more dots later, but for now I’m just enjoying its current cuteness!

7 thoughts on “Time Out!

  1. Sanne Williamson says:

    That is too cute for a Time Out chair! I want to get in trouble at your house so I can sit in it!!! LOLOLOL!!
    All kidding aside, it looks awesome!! Hope you won’t need to use it too much… 😉

  2. Papa Bear says:

    I would have made it look like an electric chair! Or better still, Steve Martin did a story about “Cruel Shoes”. (wasn’t funny but it was his “style”). Make ’em afraid to sit in the chair!!
    JUST KIDDING! Hope it remains unused! Hate to see my poor little grandchild get into trouble. 😉

    Papa Bear

    • HAHAHAHAHA – A friend on Facebook recommended a duck tape seatbelt. Sounds like our Julia is kinda famous… or infamous. LOL Jay asked the same thing though – is it supposed to look pretty? You two think alike!

  3. Wow… well the chair is adorable! Hmmm… she chose red, the color associated with anger, and strong personalities. Interesting. Maybe you should have picked a blue chair for its calming qualities! LOL Why not paint the little animals on the back rest in white, make them show up a little? I love the chair, your’s was just a little black & white herringbone booster chair, (you started your two-year-old tantrums at about 18 months! LOL)

    • I thought it was funny that she picked red too. Although once she saw it built the first thing she said was, “I want the blue chair.” LOL The red fits better with our decor – and if I’ve got to look at it, I want it to look nice! Jay thinks I should do something with the animals too, just not sure I want to. Still thinking about it. 🙂

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