The Quest for a Free Flamingo

When we found out it was a flamingo, we were in.

Jay was working from home that night, so I needed to take our beauties out somewhere for a couple of hours until he finished his calls.  So when my sweet Mom gave me the heads up that Lego stores were holding their free monthly mini-build that evening, we had a goal: we were coming home with a free pink Lego flamingo.

We are Lego junkies, all four of us.  We just love them.  Lego stores hold a free mini-build on the first Tuesday of every month. Who knew?  Well, besides my mom of course.

Here’s how the event went down:

Emily was SUPER excited to go on a new adventure!

photo 1

We arrived at the store about 15 minutes early, and it was totally packed.  Apparently Legos + Free = Crowded!  When we walked in we were instructed to grab one of these little cards from an employee.  The front of the card showed the model that was going to be built at this event.  On the back of the card there was a number.  We arrived 15 minutes early and were #113.

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 10.21.06 PM

Basically, the way it worked was this: the store had set up 3 different tables around the store, each with a box of pre-sorted materials underneath it and a cheerful employee beside it ready to assist the kids.  Another employee called out numbers in groups of 6 to start off, sending 6 kids to each of the tables (right away knocking off the first 18).  As kids finished their mini-builds the employee at each table would alert the caller, who would then call out more numbers and send new kids to the table.  It was a smooth and efficient system – I was really impressed.  I think the only thing that would have helped was a megaphone – it was a little difficult to hear the numbers being called and some kids went up out of order as a result.

photo 4

We hung around the store for a little while, but since we knew that our number was a little ways away we went for a walk around the mall and took a bathroom break before heading back.  We were back in about 15-20 minutes and they were already calling numbers in the 60s, so we decided to stick around and play for a while.

photo 5

Finally, it was our turn!  It only took about 30 minutes for them to call our number – not too long of a wait for free Legos in my opinion.  When Emily got to the table the employee stationed there wrote her name on her card, gave her a small bin with all the pieces she needed, and she went right to work!  I just love her confidence.

photo 3

Julieboo waited very patiently for her big sister to finish.

photo 2

And here it is!  She did a great job, as expected.  I think the employee was a little impressed that she did it all by herself – there were kids (dare I say boys?) much older than her at her table that needed a lot of help building their flamingoes.  Is it okay to say that I love having a cute little girl who kicks booty at Legos?  Oops, I already did.

photo 6

We had a lot of fun.  Despite the crazy crowd I would totally do it again – I mean, there are definitely worse places to wait in line than a Lego store!  I think next time we will just try to get there about 30 minutes early, grab our number, then head off for some frozen cokes and window shopping until the event starts.

If you’re thinking of going, contact your local Lego store or visit their website for more details (dates and times may vary). You’ll even be able to find out what that month’s build is – I think if it was a hockey player or fisherman (previous mini-builds) Emily wouldn’t be as excited.  Mini-builds are held once a month for ages 6-14.  You do not need to register, reserve a spot, or give any personal information to participate.

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “The Quest for a Free Flamingo

  1. Sharon says:

    Great job Emily!!! I love this idea, but I’m bummed!! I just checked the website to see about the September event, only to find out that it starts at 5pm 😦

  2. Oh, I am so thrilled that you got to go and get the Flamingo! I thought she might like making it and a for free… What a deal! Even better that it worked out to be a night that Jay needed some work time. Thought I bet he would’ve loved to go, too.

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