Getting Out the Door

Holy guacamole!  It was soooooooooooo hard to get myself out of the door & get going on my run tonight.  I just didn’t want to do it.  I wasn’t motivated, didn’t have the energy, and would rather have cleaned the kitchen again (which would make the 12th time today).  But, it was on my to-do list… for the past 2 days… yikes.


Somehow I managed to pull myself away from Facebook, get off my tushie, and put my Asics on.  I’d already been otherwise fully dressed for a run in the hopes that it would motivate me to get it over with… but to be honest I just found myself wondering if sleeping in my running pants would make my thighs look firmer in the morning.

I would love to say that as soon as I stepped out the door I changed my mind, but no.  I was actually kinda mad at myself for not just letting myself be lazy for an evening.  I mean, running is work!  I walked to the entrance of my community and started my run.  I had planned to run a 1.5-mile loop and get back home to reunite my tush with the sofa again, but when I reached the point where I would turn around to head back I suddenly had high expectations of myself and decided that since I’d come this far I might as well keep going and do my 2.5-mile loop.

Part of the reason for this change of plans was the unusually breezy weather – not cool, but definitely not the hot blasts of air that are typically found this time of the year.  They were beautiful, non-humid, ongoing breezes.  The kind that make you feel like you have more energy than you really do – the kind of breezes that make you want to take a nap in the backyard.

Eventually I reached the turnaround point of my 2.5-mile loop, and for some crazy reason I decided to try out a new route.  One of the wonderful things about my city is that everything is connected, so once you know where things meet up you can pretty much choose a direction and it will almost always lead you back home.  I hadn’t mapped it out, and if I had to guess I figured it would still be about 2.5 miles – maybe longer – but I didn’t care.  I think I was secretly hoping I’d get home and find out I’d ran 4 miles.

I think at this point I was starting to get that freeing feeling that I love when I run.  I was successfully letting go of the day-to-day distractions, and realized that there were a few reasons I wasn’t eager for this run to be over:

  • Because of Jay’s travel & work schedule I had been on non-stop Mommy duty for 19 days straight without much help.
  • NO JOGGING STROLLER!  Aaaaaahhhh – what a difference it makes running without that thing.
  • I’d had fries from McDonald’s earlier.
  • I knew Julia would be screaming her head off at home with Jay putting her to bed.  Total Momma’s girl.

As soon as I got home I mapped out my run at Running Map (my favorite run-mapping site), and was thrilled to see that I had run 2.75 miles!  Not much further than I’d planned, and not 4 miles like I’d hoped, but I haven’t run that far in a while.  I was pretty psyched.

I think the biggest lesson I learned in all of this is that I have truly never regretted a run.  No matter how tired, cranky, or unmotivated I am, I’ve never looked back and thought, “I shouldn’t have done that.”  There are a hundred reasons to not go.  And sometimes I use those reasons (dare I say it – excuses) to not go.  But those are the times I regret, not the times I ignore the excuses and do it!

Plus, it makes me feel a little less guilty the next time I indulge in those heavenly fries.


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