A Family Secret

I’m going to share a very intimate part of my family’s life.  Something I’ve never EVER talked about before.  I’m actually not sure that my family will be okay with this, but this blog started as a way for my beauties to get to know me (and my family) a little better, and I can’t think of anything more personal than what I’m about to share here.

Ok.  Here goes.

We have a Bathroom Sudoku Book.  That might not seem that unordinary, I’m sure loads of people have magazines, crosswords, word searches, and the like in their bathrooms.  Gotta pass the time, right?  Here’s the thing – our book is unique.  It’s not your typical bathroom entertainment.  It’s not your “Dad-is-the-crossward-junkie” bathroom book.  Ours is community property.  It’s there for anyone who visits.  And we write notes to each other in it.

We dubbed it “The Sudoku Potty Club.”


I’m not really sure how this all got started.  My mom and I have a habit of putting a star and our name next to any type of word or number puzzle we complete.  I’m pretty sure my brother wrote some cocky remark along the lines of, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, who cares?” next to one of our names (probably mine).  I certainly wasn’t going to let that go.  I commented back with something equally witty.  And so it began.

At first it was just between my brother (who lived with our parents at the time) and myself. Kevin and I bantered back and forth for a while, ribbing each other the way siblings do.  At some point Jay jumped in too, which is very uncharacteristic of him – but I absolutely love that he did.  My mom and dad contributed too from time to time, and even my friend Christine put in her two cents when she came up with me for a visit.


We have verbal arguments that go on for years about who draws the best happy faces (it’s me), who’s had the fewest errors (me), and who has completed the most puzzles (also me). Just kidding.  Maybe.  Okay, yes – kidding.  But not about the years part.  I’m pretty sure that sudoku book has been in that bathroom for at least 5 years, maybe more.  Since it’s in the guest bathroom my parents don’t visit it much, and now that my brother is out truckin’ he’s just not home that often either.  Which kinda makes this book a little more special.  I’m quite confident that nobody cares where the book is located.  I certainly never think about it.  

My family has its own crazy sense of humor.  A lot of people don’t really get it.  Like the Sudoku Potty Club.  This might not seem like an ideal bonding experience to most families – I’m actually quite sure this whole thing might gross out some people.  But I don’t really care. My family and I have not always seen eye-to-eye on many things.  But the Sudoku Potty Club brings us together.  And the fact that it’s in a bathroom just adds to the kooky-ness that is us.

14 thoughts on “A Family Secret

  1. Sanne Williamson says:

    How can It be that I’ve never noticed this book before?!?! I’ll be looking for it next time I use your potty! Bwahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I “visit” that room every once in awhile, and open the “family” book. It is awesome in the sense that it brings you, your brother, your husband and your friends all back and to be able to spend time with “ya’ll” (even if it isn’t the “friendliest” environment! LOL!)
    It’s a part of everyone that brings love and joy into (our) lives.
    Papa Bear

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ooohhhhh so YOU think you make the best smiley faces, do you now? We’ll just have to see about this dear sis. 😝

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