Big Rig Baby Brother

It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and since my sweet baby brother drives a big-rig all over this beautiful country, I thought it would be a great time to show off his ride.

Let me start by saying that my brother is not a big guy.  He’s taller than me, about 5’10”, but he’s really thin.  He used to be known as “Beanpole” on the dead-end street we grew up on because no matter what he ate (or how much he ate) he never gained an ounce.  Stinker. Anyway, he’s not big-bearded and big-bellied the way truck drivers are usually portrayed – and thankfully he doesn’t have a foul mouth or smell like he’s been in a cigarette-smoke-filled sauna.  I’m actually super impressed that a guy his size can keep control of this monster.  But he does – and you can color me impressed.


He’s very thorough, checking everything over carefully.  He’s so cute when he’s responsible.


Emily and I were pretty excited to see what the inside looked like.  On our way up to visit my folks we passed quite a few trucks, and spent a good deal of time trying to imagine what it would be like to sleep in one.  We were completely wrong – there were no cute curtains and no toilet (Emily’s creative contribution).  But man, if I had to hoist myself up into this thing over and over I’d have some crazy good-looking thighs!


My brother isn’t known for his organizational skills.  He’s probably on America’s 10 Most Wanted Slobs list.  But to be fair, trucking isn’t easy.  I know how I get sometimes after being on the road for just a few minutes – I can’t imagine doing it for a living. So if my bro wants to spend his off-road hours being lazy, more power to him.  He’s earned it, and I’m glad that he’s able to shut his driving brain off so that he can feel refreshed when he’s got to turn it back on again.  Dear Kev, if you read this, I’d be honored to clean out your truck the next time I see you.  Love, Sue.


Right behind the front seats there’s a giant thick blackout curtain that runs from the ceiling to the floor, and Kevin closes this when he sleeps at night.  A mini a/c unit keeps him cool at night without needing the engine to be on.  And the cab actually has bunk beds!  We pulled the top bunk down and stuck the beauties up there.  Emily thought it was really cool but Julia was nervous and upset immediately.


But they were both completely happy and at home in the driver’s seat!  I still can’t believe my little brother handles this huge thing!



The girls got to pull the horn rope too.  I asked Kevin if kids still pulled their arm down to mimic pulling a truck horn when he drove by, and it totally made my day when he said they still do. I’ve seriously got to teach my girls this trick.  Of course Kevin obliges them with a satisfying and loud blow.  Did I mention I love my brother?


If I’ve never said it before, my brother is the sweetest guy.  This was the same visit where he set up a treasure hunt for Emily.  And while I hate the fact that his big rig makes it almost impossible to get together (making us all miss him like crazy), I am so impressed that he’s out there on his own, driving from one side of this country to the other, navigating countryside and cities like a pro.  Kevin, I am so proud of you.  I am honored to be the sister of a big rig drivin’ brother.  Happy Truck Driver Appreciation Week – and please know that I’d be sending you some cleaning supplies if I knew where to mail them.  Hee hee.



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