A Pumpkin, a Toddler, and Stickers – Oh My!

Like just about everyone I know, I love Fall.  I’m sure most people love autumn because they’ve actually seen a real autumn, but for me it’s always been about Thanksgiving.  And my birthday.  But mostly Thanksgiving.  The day I finally let myself eat turkey.  Mmmmmm.

My favorite thing about the season (aside from a cinnamon broom) is decorating pumpkins. Usually that means scooping all those wonderfully goopy pumpkin guts, but when we’ve wanted our beauties to be involved in the festivities we’ve skipped using a knife and instead tried to find other ways to allow the girls to have some decorating fun.

Some of our previous non-carving adventures include the Pumpkin Head Princess Emily made when she was 2…

Halloween 2008 015

…tissue paper circles and Mod Podge…


…and painting them.  The Angry Bird is Jay’s handiwork.

169448_3820963614606_1781599378_o (1)This time I decided to use one of Julia’s favorite mediums ever – stickers.  I found some cute bags of Halloween-themed foam stickers in the dollar bin at Target, grabbed a pumpkin, and let Julia have at it!


She had the best time!  I was peeling off the backs of the stickers for her, but at some point I realized that she was doing that herself, so I found another way to keep myself busy by poking all the little eyes and mouths out of the ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. Seriously, could she be any more adorable?


I think it turned out really cute, and we only used up about half the bag of stickers, which means there are enough for another fun activity another day!


And here it is again keeping my fabulous cinnamon broom company at the bottom of the stairs.

IMG_3270By some miracle Julia hasn’t pulled any of the stickers off, her next favorite thing to do after putting them on.  I’ve since moved it up to the window, and I love seeing it when I pull into the driveway.  Next it’s my turn to decorate one – I can’t wait to head to the pumpkin patch and choose my victim for carving!

6 thoughts on “A Pumpkin, a Toddler, and Stickers – Oh My!

  1. Anonymous says:

    HAH! I ought to put an eagle on top, and an anchor through one. A Pumpkin Marine Corps emblem! That would be cool!
    Papa Bear

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