My Fibbit

Earlier this summer I created a wishlist of things that I was sure would enhance my running experience.  One of these items in particular has been haunting my dreams since I wrote that post, and I’m happy to say that I am now the proud owner of this cute little gizmo!

photo 2Basically, the Fitbit Zip tracks my daily activity and displays it on a little screen.   It’s sweatproof and clips on to my waistband, bra, or pocket – so convenient!  It also can sync up to the internet and has an app for the iPhone so that I can see how I’m doing as the day goes on.  I can change the display on the Fitbit to show any or all of the following:

  • Calories burned (including “downtime” calories burned while sitting or sleeping)
  • Steps taken
  • Distance traveled
  • Clock
  • Smiley (my favorite part)

I cannot begin to tell you how ecstatic I was when my Fitbit arrived, but maybe this picture gives an idea:

photo 1It didn’t come with many pieces, and I loved how simple it was to get started.  This is all that came in the box: the Fitbit, a clip case, the USB connector that syncs up your device, the battery, and the battery opener.  I had been drooling over the green one for months, and I have to say I was a little disappointed in the color of the clip case, which is more of an olive green than it looked on Amazon or even here (see picture below).  I’ve since done some research and found that I could have bought the device in white had I ordered through, but happily I can still get a white clip case so I think I’m going to ask for that as a stocking stuffer gift.  Hint hint…

photo 3


As soon as I had it synced up to my computer I started to play with it and was greeted by this little guy – not the most welcoming face, but it’s since become my favorite feature!  It has a few different expressions, this is the one that is displayed when I’m not very active.  There’s also a really happy face that shows up after a good run and a sweet smile for when I’m moving around a lot.  Who doesn’t love a personal cheerleader?

photo 5

The Fitbit sets a goal for me in each of the display categories.  My goals are to walk 10,000 steps a day, cover a distance of 5 miles a day, and burn 1900 calories a day (it used to be about 2200, but I was finding it very difficult to get there, even with a 30 minute run, so I adjusted it to something challenging yet still attainable.  If this proves to be too easy I will adjust it higher again). Whenever I want to see how I am doing with my goals I can either visit my Dashboard at, or check the app on my phone.

Here’s what the website Dashboard looks like (yes, I chose a really good day).  Whenever I meet one of my daily goals the green circle changes into a happy face briefly with a little “Hooray!” bubble next to it before changing back to the graph.  On this particular day I had 4 happy faces.  Love it!

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 9.40.59 PM

And here’s the iPhone app.  I’m not very good at drinking enough water every day, and I’m really trying to get better.  So I added in the water intake bit at the bottom to track that too (but this is not tracked on the device itself).


The website also allows you to track your weight loss by entering in foods that you’ve eaten, but I know myself well enough to know that I just don’t have the time to keep up with that.  Plus I like McDonald’s.  You can also follow other friends with Fitbits and “compete” or encourage each other by seeing if they have met their goals.  Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who owns a Fitbit yet, so I haven’t been able to use this feature.

The only downside I see to this so far is when I forget put it back on after I change clothes, which can be REALLY frustrating when I am halfway through my run and I realize it’s not on me.  Then I get the smiley with the tongue.  I just stick mine right back out at him.  As to the title of this post, Emily misunderstood the name one day and thought I called it a Fibbit, and the name just stuck.

In short – LOVE it, highly recommend it!




3 thoughts on “My Fibbit

  1. Nice little device! Wonder how much I burn off each day just doing routine things. (probably not as much as I hope).
    Proud of you!
    Papa Bear

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