Halloween Pops

I promise my next post will be about the 5K I just completed, but since tomorrow is Halloween I’m thinking that I better get this one out the door first.

I’ll give you one chance to guess what I made (if you read the title you cheated)…


Yup – Oreo Pops!  These seem to be a favorite treat of Emily’s and Julia’s, and it’s the only time I ever allow Oreos in the house because they are SO addicting!  (I wasn’t surprised when they broke with this story).  And they just happen to be the perfect shape for making little Jack-o’-Lanterns!  I made them the same way as usual, then let Emily decorate them.  I tried to let Julia help, but she just picked it up and licked it.  Sneaky.


Here’s how they turned out:


We also decided to try something new – you can have more guesses this time to figure out what we created…


Hmmmm… who’s got an icky green box-shaped head?


That’s right!  We decided to make little Frankenstein heads!  (I really don’t know if you got it right, I’m just a super encouraging kinda gal).

I basically used the same method as the Oreo Pops, smearing the melted candy over the marshmallows with my finger.  Once the green had dried I dipped the tops in black melted candy for his (their?) hair.  Then we went to town decorating!   I managed to keep Julia from licking one of these, but not from eating one.  Oh, fine.  We all had one.

I’m starting to notice a vampire trend with the one Emily decorates… I’m praying hard that we don’t have a future Twilight junkie on our hands….


The last thing we made were ghosts.  They make white candy melts, but it seemed silly to coat white marshmallows with white candy, especially since the kids who would be eating them wouldn’t be moving slow enough to notice.


We tied up a few of each with saran wrap and pretty ribbon to give to our annual Trick-or-Treat posse.  Let me just confess two things right now.  1) I HATE HATE HATE saran wrap and can never make it do what I want it to.  2) I also have no idea how to package desserts that have decorating gel on them.  It smears and smooshes everywhere, and now our artistic creations are a hot mess.  Hopefully the kids won’t be too scared to eat them!


3 thoughts on “Halloween Pops

  1. Oh… had me laughing! They all look fabulous! I find it hilarious that you hate Saran Wrap so much… yet you use it so often! LOL (I started chuckling right away) Check out the Wilton aisle, they should have a stiffer type plastic baggie you could use to wrap these up so the wrapping won’t mess up their “pretty little faces(?)” :/

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