Padme and Ms. Golightly

This was the BEST Halloween ever.  Jay was in town, we hung out with great friends, and even the weather was great.  But the costumes.  The costumes!  I gotta say, I was pretty gosh darn proud of myself this year.  I tooted my own horn, gave myself high-fives, cookies, and pats on the back.  The costumes were that good.  


Emily has recently become obsessed with Star Wars. She originally wanted to go trick-or-treating as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, but she took one look at a Padme costume in a catalog after seeing all six Star Wars episodes and she was instantly set on being Padme.  She especially liked the outfit Padme wore on the planet of Geonosis when she had to fight the nexu in the arena:

IMG_3938The costume itself was pretty basic, just a one-piece jumpsuit.  It came with a faux gun holster, and I drove myself crazy looking for a fake gun to spray-paint silver before realizing it wouldn’t even hold a gun.  Even more frustrating was when we realized while trick-or-treating that we’d completely forgotten to even put it on.  Ah, well.  I found shoes that wouldn’t take away from the overall look and that she could still wear to school – beautiful silvery sparkly sneakers.  She even had her nails painted silver – which of course meant Julia wanted hers done too.  But the final touch was the hair.  Originally I thought that Padme just had her hair pulled back into a tight bun, but when I double-checked online I discovered it was much more elaborate than that (I should have known better).  


It turned out to be pretty easy to duplicate though, all I needed were some pipe cleaners, bobby pins, clear elastics, and gel.  I pulled her hair into a tight ponytail, then inserted a pipe cleaner into the ponytail, wrapped hair around it, then pinned it back onto her head.  It turned out pretty spot-on for the movie, I think, and Emily was in Padme-heaven!

941481_10200786481136368_309949913_n (1)

As for Julia, I chose her costume about 3 years ago.  I found a picture of a little girl dressed as Holly Golightly on Pinterest, and since Emily was too old I swore if I had another little girl she would one day trick-or-treat as that iconic movie character.  Well, I had another daughter, and she was the perfect age this year – small enough to still dress her up how I wanted but old enough to walk around and work her costume cuteness.

IMG_3977 - Version 2

I made the tutu myself, and for the shirt I cut the sleeves off of a long-sleeve black top I found for $3 at Wal-Mart.  I tied little black ribbons at the shoulders and found some black Mary Jane shoes at a yard sale (also only $3).  She borrowed pearl necklaces from Emily’s dress-up stash, and wore a little tiara I found for a quarter at the party store.  The finishing touch was letting her trick-or-treat with an actual shopping bag from Tiffany & Co.  My friend Sanne’s cat even followed us a for a bit, adding a bit more authenticity to the whole ensemble.  


Unfortunately, no one seemed to know who she was while we were out trick-or-treating.  I received lots of compliments on how cute my little ballerina was, what a cute princess she made, and one lady even thought she was a witch.  Everyone loved the familiar blue shopping bag, but I was surprised nobody made the connection!  Honestly, though, it didn’t take away any of it for me.  She looked like a perfect little Holy Golightly, and I was beside myself with giddiness at how adorable it turned out.  


I don’t foresee outdoing these costumes – ever.   I haven’t decided if I’ll try to or not.  I’m perfectly happy knowing that Halloween 2013 my beauties were completely and perfectly costumed.  It won’t be long before Emily outgrows it and Julia has her own strong opinions about what she wants to wear.  So I’m going to hold on tight to 10-31-13.  Toot toot!



4 thoughts on “Padme and Ms. Golightly

  1. Sanne Williamson says:

    Their costumes were seriously too cute and too awesome for words!! You toot that horn for as long as you want to- you deserve it! Great job!!

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