Okay Christmas, NOW it’s Your Turn

I’m not a fan of Christmas before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving comes first, but due to the fact that it’s wedged almost exactly between Halloween and Christmas it’s almost completely skipped over.  It’s no secret that stores seem to jump from Halloween straight to Christmas, sometimes taking down Fall decorations to make more room for Christmas.  Not cool.  A good friend’s daughter even noticed it this year, asking her mom, “Where’s Thanksgiving?”  And while texting a friend today I was looking for a cute Thanksgiving emoticon, and this is all I saw:


Notice anything missing?  Even my iPhone doesn’t recognize Thanksgiving, jumping straight from Halloween to Christmas. When typing, it will automatically capitalize those holidays, but not Thanksgiving.  Definitely not cool.

I’m not a grinch.  I LOVE Christmas.  But everything has a time of its own, and I like Thanksgiving to get the time & focus it deserves.  I’m often asked why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and my answer is this: it seems to be the only holiday that has successfully escaped over-commercialism.  There are no special games to play (think Easter egg hunts), no presents to give, no candy to hand out, no expectation of cards, no special outfits or costumes to wear, no special songs to buy CDs of, no fireworks, no special decorations. Except maybe this giant inflatable turkey we found in our neighborhood:


Thanksgiving is about family, friends, and food.  Plain and simple.  Sure, you can do any or all of those things (I love my Fall cinnamon broom), and maybe your family even has traditions of wearing special clothes or playing specific games together. But generally speaking, it’s family, friends, and food.  Three things we all need desperately, three things that can make us happy without spending hundreds of dollars to make it happen.

Thanksgiving is basic. Dining with the ones you love offers something that stores can’t sell you: memories.  That’s why it’s my favorite.  That’s why I refuse to let Christmas overshadow it.  It will come fast enough with its whirlwind of activities, decorations, and baked goods.  And I will enjoy every single minute of it, just as I do every year.

In fact, our guests just left, the kitchen is clean, and as far as I’m concerned, Thanksgiving is officially over and Christmas is now welcome in our home.  Bring on the whirlwind.





2 thoughts on “Okay Christmas, NOW it’s Your Turn

  1. Sanne Williamson says:

    I feel the same way. I LOVE Christmas but it just doesn’t feel right until Thanksgiving is over. I do start my Christmas shopping well before Thanksgiving but don’t decorate etc until after it’s over.

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