This post has been a loooooooooooong time coming.  Well, at least the part the title refers to.

I want a 13.1 sticker on my car.  The badge of honor that declares to the road, “I completed a half marathon.”  That perfectly shaped oval with the large, easy-to-read numbers in the middle has taunted me for the past 2 years – which is about how long ago I figured out what it meant. I think I had to Google it.


I see them EVERYWHERE.  Some are black with white numbers, some are white with black numbers.  Some are even tie-dyed.  My neighbor has one and I get jealous every time I walk past her car.

I don’t care how it looks (although the tie-dyed one is my favorite), I want one on my car. Reeeeeally bad.

I’ve been running for 2 years now.  At first, my goal was simply to run a 5K from start to finish, without needing to walk.  It took a bit longer to accmplish than I thought it would (mainly due to ongoing illness once I returned to teaching), but last October I successfully ran the Disney’s Happy Haunted 5K with my best girl Sanne.

It was much easier than I thought it would be.  I felt like I could take on the world!  It was at that event that I started thinking… if I could run a 5K, maybe I could run a 10K… and if I could run a 10K, why not complete a half marathon?  Ok… let’s be clear here… I never for a second thought I could run a half marathon.  I said “complete.”

So I started to formulate a plan.  The 5K was in October.  If I took advantage of the slowly dropping temperatures, I might be able to push myself harder and run a 10K by the spring. Then, if I kept pushing even harder I might be able to complete a half marathon in fall of 2014.

Well, plans have changed a bit.  I just registered for the Ft. Lauderdale AIA Half Marathon. Yup.

Julia and I like to go running with my friend Erin and her daughter Rowan on occasion.  And although I’d never discussed my deep desire for a 13.1 sticker, it seems the half marathon bug had bitten her too, because she sent me a text out of the blue one day and said that she was thinking of signing up for one in February and wanted to know if I’d join her.


Um – YES!!!!

It’s a bit sooner than I’d planned, but I truly have no desire to run the whole thing, nor do I have any false illusions that I might be able to.  I just want the sticker.  And from the research I’ve done (basically I just asked my neighbor), you earn that sticker for completion… whether you run or walk or both.

So I’m doing this.

Pray for us both.

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