Target Wins

Growing up, all I knew about a threshold was that it was something a new bride was carried over by her groom the first time they entered their home together after being married.  Jay’s an amazing husband, but he’s not up on traditions – he carried me over the hotel room threshold the first night of our honeymoon… and was confused when we returned home and I told him he was supposed to do it again.  I sure do love that man.

Threshold has a new meaning for me though.  Now it means “Items for the home found in Target at various yet affordable price ranges and in beautiful colors that catch my eye, are absorbed into my brain, and hold fast there until I return to the store to purchase them.”


And boy, have I purchased them.  It all began after I decided I was ready to grow up and hang curtains in my house (for the first time in 12 years).  I was wandering through Target and decided to browse around just to get an idea of what I liked.  I ended up leaving with new curtains and a rod (all Threshold), went right home and ripped door trim and vertical blinds down, then rebuilt everything to better accommodate my new loves.  Then I went back and did it all again a week later for another window.  It’s ridiculous how happy those curtains make me.

photo 2Having fallen hopelessly in love with my curtains I did the next thing any normal person would do.  I began to scan Target’s website multiple times a week just to drool over all the fabulousness that was attached to a Threshold tag.  I ended up buying a console table (to match the curtains, of course), then a mirror to go above the table.  Next came a table runner, some bath towels and placemats.  Color me giddy!


Yesterday I went to Target (to get a new thermos for Julia – I swear), and found this gorgeous basket.  It’s got the same teal as the curtains and console woven through it, and a lid to boot.  It’s exactly what I was looking for to replace a small brown ottoman that was holding Julieboo’s Legos.  And it was $12 cheaper than usual!  I wasn’t strong enough to say no.  That basket would have tortured me forever if I hadn’t gone back today to get it.  I know this for sure.


You win, Target.  I give up.  Well, technically I gave up the second I saw those curtains, but I am done pretending to resist you.  My home is slowly becoming more beautiful, and I owe it all to your beautifully coordinated colors and your unobtrusive styles.  But once my cash stash has been tapped, that’s it.  We are through.


PS – We really aren’t through.  I just said that so you would stop tempting me so.  But in case I do go bankrupt while indulging in your fabulousness, I’ve created a wish list for my birthday… and Christmas… and Mother’s Day… and Valentine’s Day… and Cinco de Mayo…


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