The iPad on the Wall

One day, my beauties, you will look up at the photos and mementos that travel up the wall of our staircase and notice this framed photo.  You might wonder why – in the middle of captured memorable events, a map of our travels, and beloved first finger paintings – why would a photo of an iPad warrant a framed spot?


The answer is this: love.  For me, this photo perfectly sums up how much your Daddy loves me.  Even more importantly, it serves as an ever-present reminder of his love for me, especially when day-to-day life makes it so crazy hard to remember that he does.

I’ll be honest – your daddy drives me absolutely bonkers sometimes.  He travels a lot.  He gets tired and doesn’t want to talk.  He doesn’t always notice how clean the house is.  Sometimes he forgets to compliment me, even on a special date when I’ve spent the day preparing my outfit and hair.  He still can’t always find the hamper.  Then there’s me – I’m tired, doing the same thing day in and day out, happily serving my family yet at times feeling completely wiped and unattractive.

I mention these things because all of them, happening over… and over… and over… well, all of these things can sometimes make me feel unloved.  Unappreciated.  Unnoticed.  Even knowing deep, deep down how much daddy loves me just isn’t enough sometimes to fight the feeling that after 13 years together, our love just isn’t the same.

And then I see this.


It’s so silly, really.  Just an iPad and a sticky note with one word on it – “Enjoy.”  But there’s so much love there that it makes me smile every time I think about it.

I have become addicted to a dumb game he downloaded on his iPad ages ago.  I’m talking addicted.  Daddy needs his iPad for work, and brings it to work with him every day.  But not that morning.  While I was driving Sugarbear to school, he left for work.  I’d assumed that he’d taken the iPad with him, but instead I came home and found it sitting on the counter.  There it was in the middle of a messy kitchen with the word “Enjoy.”

It might seem small, but in that one gesture he said so much.  He told me that he could find a way to get by without it, knowing that it would bring a little fun to an otherwise ordinary day.  He told me that it was okay to let the housework slide and relax – that he felt I deserved the break.  He told me he understood what it was like to get hooked on something ridiculous.  That it was okay to indulge myself once in a while.

He told me that he loves me.

Girls, your daddy is the most amazing man I’ve ever met.  He loves me exactly the way I am, yet lovingly challenges me to change for the better.  He’s honest.  Caring.  Genuine.  Loyal.  Sweet.  Hardworking.  Fun.  Gentle.  Creative.  And I get to be his wife.

This is why I hung that photo on the wall among all our other memories.  When the day is dragging or feeling ordinary… when Daddy is out of town for work… when he’s too tired to talk… anytime things don’t feel wonderful, I look at that picture – and it reminds me that in the 13 years we’ve been together, nothing has changed.

And if it has, it’s only been for the better.



8 thoughts on “The iPad on the Wall

  1. purpleprincess24 says:

    Oh, wait a minute…. let me find my Kleenex… sniff, sniff… aw what the heck… I’m gonna have a good cry! Okay… all better. Seriously, that is so Awesome! What a wonderful gift of love! It warms my heart (and apparently chokes me up) that he would do that for you. You are so special to me, Susie… and I’m So Happy for you and for Sweet Hubby!

  2. Jay Wilson says:

    Love you babe! Thank you for your sweet words! 🙂 I’d say you are all those things too: Caring. Genuine. Loyal. Sweet. Hardworking. Fun. Gentle. Creative. Plus I’d add Amazing. Inspiring. Beautiful. XOXO

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