I Love to Love!

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day.  There’s just something  fabulous about a day where we celebrate love.  Love for our significant other… our family… our friends… even our pets.  I love all the love-themed goodies.  I love the men in the grocery store grabbing the last of the flowers off the shelf.  I love seeing the card aisle completely wrecked and picked over.  I just love it.

IMG_5523And as far as I’m concerned, it has nothing to do with being married or even in a dating relationship.  That’s what makes it so wonderful – it’s for everyone.  I actually intentionally ended a few relationships over the years just before Valentine’s Day so that I wouldn’t be tied down to one person – I didn’t want there to be any expectations towards myself or anyone else.  I wanted to show love just because I wanted to, not because I was “supposed” to.  I love way too many people to focus on just one!


Valentine’s Day is F-U-N as far as I’m concerned.  As a teacher I loved a day full of activities that revolved around conversation hearts.  As a mom I love the pile of silly valentines that adorn my counter when Emily comes home from school.  I love making food with heart shapes incorporated somewhere.  The crafts, the balloons, the sweets – so much fun!

IMG_5538This year’s Valentine’s has been great!  I volunteered to put together a craft project together for Emily’s Girl Scout troop – they decorated heart-shaped jewelry boxes.  I made heart-shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  The girls gave out cute cards to their friends.  Last night we brought strawberries cut into the shape of hearts to our Bible Study group.



Jay is amazing, and I love him – he will always be my Valentine.  But he isn’t what makes my Valentine’s Day special.  It’s too much pressure to expect him to come up with the perfect gift or romantic plans.  Usually when those expectations are set (either on his end or mine), one or both of us ends up disappointed.  We’ve discovered over the years that when we just spend the day being in love (exactly what we do the other 364 days of the year) we end up much happier.  Valentine’s Day should never just be about him… or me… or him + me.  It should be a day for us to give a little more of our love to everyone else in our life.


I’m fortunate to have a husband who tells me he loves me every day of the year.  But I know that not everyone is – and I know that one day that might be the case for one or both of my beauties.  I hope that when my girls grow they don’t think they need a man to “make” their Valentine’s Day special.  I pray that they find the love in our family to be enough.  The love between them and their friends to be enough.  And most importantly, the love that God has for them to be enough.  I hope my girls love to love, just like their Momma.


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