Wedding Toasts

Jay and I were very blessed to have our friends and family give some of the best wedding toasts we’ve ever heard.  Both of our fathers spoke beautifully at our reception, telling stories about what it was like raising us, guiding us through school, and watching us fall in love with each other.  They both wished us a long and happy marriage, and said that they and our mothers were thrilled that God had brought us together.

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My brother, Kevin, had given his wedding toast the night before at our rehearsal dinner.  It was completely unexpected and not like him at all to have prepared something like this, and if he had saved the paper he’d written it on it would be one of my favorite wedding mementos (it’s already one of my favorite memories).  I wish I could remember it all, but I know that he told a lot of funny stories about us as kids.  He talked about how he’d always tried his best to be there for me, whether it was sneaking the veggies off my plate at dinner so I could pretend I had eaten them or keeping an eye on the boyfriends I brought over so that he could give me his opinion of them later.  He told us that he was so glad that I’d finally found a guy that he approved of, and that he knew Jay would make me happy.  It still makes me cry.

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Fortunately, we do still have a copy of another toast – the one written by Jay’s best friend Eiki. It still makes us laugh, and every so often we even find ourselves quoting it.  I came across it today while looking through one of our wedding albums, and I thought it was funny enough to share.

“I have to confess I never thought this day would get here.  Not because I was so eager that I couldn’t wait; believe me, in writing this toast I could have used a little more time.  Instead, today seemed far off because really, Jay getting married was never very likely.  Why?  Because Jay is a geek.  Which I mean in the very best sense; the geek lifestyle has a lot of advantages, although you couldn’t say that romantic success is among them.  After all, the tan you get from your computer monitor doesn’t look as good as the tan you get from the sun, the size of your hard drive really doesn’t matter, and “Wanna see my lightsaber?” is likely to get you slapped.  For these reasons, romance was always difficult for Jay.

“But he persevered through the lean years and found Susie, the love of his life.  They’re really a perfect match.  Here is an example: I am told that Susie is afraid of sleeping in a bedroom with a closet door open.  Having seen Jay’s closet, I’m sure that’s a wise policy.

“Susie – thanks to Jay, your computer will always be top of the line, you will know what all the buttons on your calculator do, and you will gain an invaluable understanding of the finer points and profound significance… of Star Trek.  Jay, I promise you that your colors will be coordinated, your carpet will see the light of day from time to time, and you will end your dietary reliance on Cup-O-Noodles.  Or at least, before eating them, you will add water.

“Jay and Susie, I expect your marriage will bring you both a lifetime of prosperity, contentment, and more than a little excitement.  Therefore, honored guests, I hope you will all raise your glasses with me, and toast the young couple’s future happiness.  Jay, while your marriage will probably cut down on the number of times you can see the 3rd Star Wars movie, I think you’re making a good trade.”

The funny thing is that nearly 12 years later, for the most part, everything in that toast still rings true.  I still hate sleeping with the closet door open (another story for another day), Jay is a pretty color-coordinated guy (now), and my computer is always a high-performance model. Oh – and I’ve never once slapped Jay for wanting to show me his lightsaber.

But I will contest on two accounts.  I still have no idea what all those buttons on my calculator are for.  And I think I turned out to be a bigger Star Wars nut than Eiki expected… I actually went to the premiere of Revenge of the Sith (that’s Star Wars 3 if you didn’t know) with the two of them. Oh yeah. 🙂

Our marriage has been full of prosperity, contentment, and more excitement than we ever expected.  While we give God all the glory for the success of our marriage, the love and support of our friends and family has definitely played its part in it as well.

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