Patio Planting & Umbrella-ing

IMG_6692I love our backyard.  It’s small, unfenced, and situated on a canal that houses the occasional gator or two, but I love it.  A few years ago Jay finally caved and agreed to have the nook between our neighbor’s home and ours paved, and now I love it even more.  It was no easy task, since we had to have 3 trees and a faux pond removed, and also had to have a new gate & fence built (the gate leads to the driveway, but the rest of the backyard isn’t enclosed at all).  But when all was said and done we were left with an amazing new space to enjoy – and we definitely do!


The girls have a blast out back, mostly with their sand & water table, balls, and sidewalk chalk.  We’ve also had some meals out here, read books, done craft projects, and even laundry gets folded on our table.  Jay’s even hosted some late-night poker games for some of the guys at our church.  But, like everything else in my house, it always seems to be in a constant state of not-quite-done-yet.  So I decided to do something about it.


One of our outside walls faces the patio (the wall on the right in the second photo), and we haven’t done a thing to it.  It always looks so plain, just begging for some outdoor art or something to bring some color to that side.  (We can’t hang anything on the wall to the left since that’s our neighbor’s house).  I saw a cute planter shelf at IKEA a few weeks ago, and it got me thinking that it would be nice to have a shelf full of smaller plants to bring some life over there and balance things up a bit.


I shopped around for a bit, but decided to skip a bakers-style rack because a) they tended to cost $50-$250, and  b) I would feel pressure to fill it with plants (and keep them alive).  Since I don’t have the best track record with growing things, I was very excited when I saw this little planter table at Target (yes, it’s Threshold).  It’s big enough to make an impact in our small space and small enough to not break the bank when I have to replace the plants I’ve killed.


Here’s what I put on it:

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 3.25.34 PM

  1. Stonecrop
  2. Cilantro
  3. Rosemary
  4. Kalanchoe
  5. Curled Parsley


I love it, and I really hope I don’t murder them.  I even bought a bright green watering can to put right outside the side door to hopefully remind me to water them.  I’m not taking responsibility for the little addition Emily stuck in there though – especially if it never becomes an apple tree. 😀


At the other end of our patio we’ve got a pretty wooden table & chair set that overlooks the canal.  Because it’s not directly on the side of the house it sits completely in the sun from about noon until 5p, making it difficult to want to relax out there while the girls play. I’ve wanted an umbrella out there for a while, but finally decided to bite the bullet when I saw this pretty navy & white striped one at Target (again, yes, it’s Threshold.  Yes, I have a problem).  I had the girls help me fill the base with sand – child labor, as my mom said – and stuck the beauty in the hole.


WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  It really made the whole backyard space look more luxurious, more vacation-y.


I already loved being out there, but this makes me really love to be out there – especially considering we started with this:


Looking forward to long, lazy summer days!




8 thoughts on “Patio Planting & Umbrella-ing

  1. I love your patio/backyard area now! You’ve really put in a lot of work and it shows! So nice to sit out there and read. Looks Wonderful… Great Job!

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