Barfy Beans

A few months ago Jay and I decided that Emily was ready to read the Harry Potter book series. So, for Christmas, The Sorcerer’s Stone was waiting for her beneath the tree. And man, was she psyched. She’s not the kind of kid who would ever ask to read the books, thinking we’d never say yes (although we have no idea why she thought that), so she was thrilled to know that we were cool with it.   The deal was that every time she finished reading a book in the series, she’d be allowed to watch the movie.

Disclaimer – Yes, we know that she’s 7, and that some of the movies are dark and scary. Emily has a tendency to read up to 5 books at a time, taking at least 2-3 months to finish all of them. Our thinking was that due to the size of the books, at that rate, she’d take a good 4 months to finish each one, making her almost 9 or 10 years old by the time she finished the 7th book (which is HUGE). Little did we know that she’d be so excited to dive into them that she’d decide to read nothing else until she’d finished them all.  Best laid plans, right?

photo-1When she finished the first book she was beyond excited to finally see the movie. I decided to make it extra special and headed to a local candy store to pick up some Harry Potter treats for the movie: a chocolate frog (complete with a wizard trading card, proudly hanging on her desk whiteboard), and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. She ate the frog that night, but decided to save the beans to share with her friends on an upcoming playdate.

1926834_10201552750652627_1252503895_nLet me just tell you, if you’ve never tried the beans, don’t. I fully intend to never eat one after seeing the expressions on the kids’ faces. The beans come in a variety of flavors, both yummy and… well… not so yummy.  Yes, one of them is rotten egg.

IMG_6439It was absolutely hysterical to watch their faces as they tried the nastier varieties!

IMG_6422At some point they didn’t want to eat anymore themselves and started daring each other to try eating earthworm… and soap… and dirt.

IMG_6426Emily gave Julia a vomit-flavored bean, and she was not happy about it. Out of curiosity I gave her another vomit-flavored bean, and she immediately took it back out of her mouth, put it on the table, and told me it was “dicutting” (disgusting). Congratulations, Bertie Bott’s.  I’ve never seen that kid reject candy.

IMG_6436I’m not really sure why the Jelly Belly company keeps making these beans – they can’t possibly have too many repeat customers.  In any case, I’m sure glad they still do though, because it made for an entertaining afternoon!


10 thoughts on “Barfy Beans

  1. purpleprincess24 says:

    Oh, how fun! I saw the card on her desk, but didn’t think about where she got it. Those Bertie Botts are disgusting. Those are the only Jelly Belly’s I won’t eat.

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