Yes, That Smell is Coming from My Child

And I’m not ashamed or embarrassed or even sorry.

I brought my smelly kid into Target.  And shopped – on the Easter aisle – 2 days before Easter.  The store was ridiculously crowded given the near-approaching holiday, and my daughter had a massive dump in her diaper.  And I knew she pooped before I got in the store.

While I’m at it I’ll also confess that nothing I needed was urgent.  It was not a mad rush for diapers, milk, or ingredients for tonight’s dinner.  I’m not even making dinner. I’m thinking I’d like to let Outback or Chili’s cook for me tonight.

photoNo, I was running into Target for 2 things: an egg-dying kit for my beauties and outdoor pillows for our patio.  Total indulgences.  I suppose the egg-dying kit was slightly urgent, since we wanted to dye our eggs with Daddy the day before Easter and hunt for them in the backyard after church. But seeing as how I can walk to a grocery store in less than 10 minutes I think any possible sympathy for my bringing a stinky toddler into a crowded store is revoked.

To be completely honest, I may have even smelled it on the way to the store.  We had just left a play date at McDonaId’s, and the girls were in a good mood and happy to ride along with me to the store, which was less than 10 minutes away.

I could have turned the car around, but then this would have happened:

  1. Turn car around.
  2. Drive home.
  3. Pull into driveway.
  4. Hear, “Mommmmmeeeeeee, I want to watch a sooooow (show).”
  5. Take Julia out of the carseat as she says, “Mommmmeeeee, I want to color.”
  6. Tell Emily to wait in the car.
  7. Take Julia into the house.  Tell her to leave shoes on.
  8. Go get diaper and wipes.  Find Julia pulling out Legos sans shoes.
  9. Wrestle Julia to the ground when she realizes she can’t play Legos right now. Seriously, changing her diapers has always been like wrestling a gator.
  10. Emily comes in the house.  Clearly she didn’t hear me.
  11. Get Julia dressed, tell her to put her shoes back on so we can go to the store.
  12. Listen to Julia say, “Nooooooo, I don’t wanna go to the sore (store) as I wiggle her shoes back on her feet.
  13. Get both girls back outside to the car.
  14. Buckle Julia back in.
  15. Listen to Julia ask for a snack.  And a drink.  And a treat.  Even though we just left McDonald’s and she would never have asked for one if we’d just gone straight there.
  16. Drive 15 minutes back to Target.
  17. Have her potentially fall asleep only to have to wake her up – cranky and annoyed – once we get to the store.
  18. Shop with a cranky toddler.
  19. Change the entire tone of my day.

Obviously I wasn’t going to go that route. So I opted to drive straight to Target.  Now, I realize I also could have changed her diaper there.  However, this particular Target decided to put their only changing table in the handicapped stall.  This means, on a busy shopping day like today was, there is a line 20 moms deep with gigantic strollers all waiting to use the same stall.  No thank you.  I made a conscious decision before we parked the car that her smelly tushie was going right into the store with me, we were going to get our egg kit and pillows, and we were going to leave.

Now, I’m not in the habit of leaving my daughter in a diaper full of poo. I don’t normally decide if she’s getting a clean diaper based on whether or not it’s convenient for me.  I understand that I might have made some people uncomfortable – you know who you are – I saw you wrinkle your noses trying to figure out where that smell was coming from.  I also know that, for the whole 15 minutes I was in the store, I was one of those moms.  But I don’t care.  For once I did what was easiest for me, and I’m not going to apologize for that.

photo-1Besides, I’m the one who had to ride home in a hot car with that stink.  If it makes you feel better, I paid the price for that decision.  Blecchy.  Not to mention I’m not sure I love those pillows after all…

6 thoughts on “Yes, That Smell is Coming from My Child

  1. Sanne Williamson says:

    Hahaha this is hilarious! Good for you- sometimes we all just do what we have to do to stay sane! 😄😉

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