An Egg-cellent Easter

I know, I know – it’s corny.  I just couldn’t resist!


This post is going to be 90% photos and 10% text – but I figure this will help balance out all the nearly 1000-word posts I usually write.  But since both my Mom and my Mother-in-Law read my blog, I’m confident that at least 2 people won’t mind the extra pictures. 🙂

Easter was pretty awesome this year. We started out by making Easter cupcakes.  We don’t normally make cupcakes for holidays, but Julia happened to see them while grocery shopping, so I decided to go for it.  I think she thought you could eat the chicks and bunnies. Thankfully she handled it pretty well once she realized they were just a decoration!IMG_6807 IMG_6811The day before Easter we dyed eggs.  I was so excited for Julia to finally be old enough to potentially enjoy this activity, but apparently I stunk up Target just for Emily’s and my sake… Julia was so upset because there were drips on the counter that she seriously couldn’t even function.  Bummer.



Easter morning the girls came downstairs to baskets full of wonderfully fun goodies.  In Emily’s basket was a bug hunting kit, a new nightgown, and the 5th installment of Harry Potter.  She was supposed to get the 4th book in her basket, but she read Book 3 much quicker than I anticipated and I didn’t have time to think up anything else.  Julia had colorful yogurt raisins (her favorite), crayons for her placemats, a silly fish she fell in love with at Target, and a Lego Duplo set – which may or may not have been given to her because I play Legos with her almost every day and I was jonesing for some new pieces.


We headed off to church after Jay made some yummy waffles – from scratch!  No Eggos on Easter for our family!  I was working in the toddler room, and we were happily surprised that even with so many new people attending that morning we didn’t have any criers.  Oh happy day! And my sweet friend Denise came to visit our church with her husband and beautiful daughter… it was nice to see her outside of her store where we usually chat.

IMG_7165I let the girls choose their own dresses this year, and they both just happened to fall in love with navy and white stripes.  I don’t like my girls to wear matching clothes, but coordinating is always fine with me!


The Easter Bunny paid a visit to the church too… after all, no “bunny” loves you like Jesus!

IMG_1264After each service our church held an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

IMG_7178 IMG_7188 IMG_7191Then we went home and hid our hard-boiled eggs in the backyard as we have done since Emily was first old enough to egg-hunt.  Julia was chucking the eggs into her basket so hard that we could hear them busting.


It was hysterical – I wish I’d been able to catch more of it on video.  I guess we will be using plastic eggs next year.

IMG_7210 IMG_7223

As soon as the girls were done finding their eggs, they decided to hide all of the eggs they found at church for Jay & me to find.  It was a ridiculous number of eggs (see first picture), and our backyard is not that big – so basically it took them about 45 minutes to hide the eggs and about 5 minutes for Jay & I to find them all.  Emily was sweet enough to take pictures for us.


Apparently this was Easter-photo worthy.


Happy belated Easter everyone – and praise God for the beloved gift of His only Son for our salvation. He is Risen!

7 thoughts on “An Egg-cellent Easter

  1. Ohhh, I LOVE your title!! So cute! 😉 OH MY, what yummy looking cupcakes AND cool eggs!!! NEAT!! Awww, just absolutely sweet pictures!!! Darling!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Some pictures of Julia when shes not having a meltdown! Seriously, we miss you guys. It’s great being able to see the kids and you (and Jay) in your daly actvities. Love ya! Papa Bear

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