Eternally Spring

One of my favorite bloggers, Katie Bower, recently posted a Spring Photo Challenge on her blog, Bower Power.  I’ve seen “linky parties” before, but I’d never participated in one.  Truthfully, I read her post on the challenge and didn’t give it a second thought. Spring just isn’t that big of a deal when you live in a climate that doesn’t recognize the seasons.

IMG_7674Then I took a trip to a local nursery and bought Emily a new milkweed plant.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but my daughter is nuts about bugs.  We’ve been “raising” Monarch butterflies since she was about 3 years old, and ever since we bought her first plant there’s hardly been a day where she doesn’t race outside to see if there are any new eggs or caterpillars.

IMG_7333Within an hour of placing the new plant on our patio we were graced by the presence of a beautiful adult, who was too busy laying eggs to care if I snapped some photos.  It didn’t take long before more and more butterflies found our plant and laid their eggs too.  A few days later we started seeing the newly hatched caterpillars, and we are currently providing residence (and free meals) to over 20 striped beauties.


IMG_7676It occurred to me that although we might not experience the rebirth of Spring where I live, I am blessed to watch this constant turnover of new life year round in my own backyard.  Where many parts of the country have to wait for flowers to bloom, animals to emerge, and butterflies to return, I do not.  Spring is, in a way, eternally here.

IMG_7068What a blessing!

All images taken with my iPhone 5 and enhanced in iPhoto.  I am no photographer.  I know no fancy tricks.  

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