I Should have Been Born in Tiffany’s

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 10.36.25 PMNo joke, I think that the next time I get a cut I’m going to check to see if the blood in my veins has turned robin’s egg blue. Don’t worry, this isn’t another post about another trip to my happiest place on earth, although I did recently manage to snag these killer Tiffany’s sunglasses:


I found them on a Facebook group where mommas barter and sell things (I’ve sold a few things there myself, and despite some trouble with one sale I’ve had really good experiences). The mom who didn’t want them was selling them for $40. They had a few small scratches, but $40?! They retail at $385! It wasn’t easy handing over money for something that was slightly damaged, but since I never pay more than $15 for a normal pair of shades, I went for it and called it my Mother’s Day gift to myself.  Boo-ya.

And not too long ago, a friend posted a quiz on Facebook: What Classic Actress are You? I took the quiz and to my complete joy, there it was in black and white:

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 9.34.38 PM

It was like angels were singing, telling me that I was born to be blue. I was Holly Golightly!   Ok, so I was Audrey Hepburn, but seriously, I can’t tell the two apart.

Then there’s this KitchenAid mixer at Target that I’m in love with:


If I had 8 inches of space on my kitchen counter that baby would be in my shopping cart faster than a shoeless kid on a hot sandy beach.  As it stands, we don’t have anywhere to put the massive beauty, even in our cabinets, so I’m just going to keep drooling whenever I walk by it, even if it means someone has to come by with a mop when I’m done.

But right now the Tiffany-related thing that’s putting the biggest smile on my face is knowing that I’ll once again (for the 3rd time!) have the chance to walk through the iconic Tiffany & Co. in New York City. My bestie and I just booked our tickets for the weekend after my birthday, which means means another trip to my favorite store! (We are also going to see Mockingjay Part 1 opening weekend, but that’s another post for another day). My plan is to save up whatever money I make selling things over the summer so that hopefully this time (for the first time) I won’t walk out without a blue box wrapped in a white bow. I have no idea what I plan to shop for, but once it gets closer and I know my budget I’m sure that Jay won’t be able to tear me away from their website.


Jay laughs at me whenever I talk about Tiffany’s, and I can tell he thinks I’m crazy. But he’s about to trade in his car, and now that he’s found the new car he wants he’s like a kid who’s about to go to Disney for the first time. He’s showing me pictures, talking about it nonstop, dreaming about where he’s going to drive first, and describing every detail. He’s ridiculously giddy. I told him that’s what Tiffany’s does to me.

I think he gets it now.


3 thoughts on “I Should have Been Born in Tiffany’s

  1. Elisa says:

    I love it! 🙂 You’re not crazy. I completely agree that we all have one thing we love so much it makes us excited just thinking about it.

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