Mommy, Bookmark M.D.


If you have a kid that loves to read as much as mine does, you’re bound to have a bookmark or two lying about the house. And if that kid likes to swing the bookmark around while reading… or chew on it absentmindedly… or yank on the tassel… well, those bookmarks are not going to look as cute as they used to. And since bookmarks with cute tassels and charms and dangly things don’t come cheap, the thought of buying new ones all the time is somewhat nauseating.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 9.37.58 PM

I know, I know. Bookmarks don’t have to be fancy. I don’t have to buy my 7-year old page holders with tassels, charms, 3-D effects, or scratch-n-sniff pictures. I realize that anything can be a bookmark – heck, I knew someone who used clean tissues.

But Emily loves reading. I mean LOVES it. It’s her joy, her passion, her happy place. If your kid loved math you’d get them a cool calculator. If they loved to draw you’d buy fancy colored pencils. If they enjoyed writing you’d make sure they had cool notebooks to journal in. Emily is a reader – she enjoys seeing the tassel hanging outside the book, marking how far she’s read. It makes the already enjoyable experience just a little bit more enjoyable. So if she wants tassels instead of tissues, I’m down with that.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 9.54.50 PM

But, as I said, those bookmarks get worn down. So lately I’ve become quite the bookmark doctor, looking for ways to breathe new life into old bookmarks in order to save myself mucho dinero.

One of the ways I’ve saved a bookmark from the trashcan grave is by simply tying colorful buttons on the end of the ratty-yet-still-in-place tassel.  Then I hot glue the back of the tied buttons so that the tassel won’t unravel and become undesirable again.


Another way I save ugly bookmarks is to create my own tassel by tying on some pretty yarn and making a pom-pom at the end.  Yarn pom-poms are nothing new, and are super simple to make.  All you need to do is wrap a bunch of yarn around a fork (more yarn = a fuller pom-pom), tie another piece of yarn tightly around the bundle, and then cut the loops at either end.  Fluff it out, and you’ve got a pom-pom!

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 9.35.30 PM


Emily loves her new bookmarks, and I’ve managed to keep her from using clean tissues to hold her place in her books.  Not that I have anything against tissue bookmarks, I just prefer my tissues to hold boogers.  Although now that I think about it, tissue bookmarks might be more convenient if you aren’t feeling well….


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