Meet Erica

Ok, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you may have seen the post about a little family secret that’s been going on for years.  Get ready for another post like that one. It’s weird, dumb, and probably not funny to anyone else, but it’s us.  100% my family at its best.  Okay, maybe not its best, but definitely at its silliest.

The best part is, although Emily has never participated in the bathroom Sudoku book, she somehow (genetically?) knew that this is how we roll and she started this craziness all on her own.

This is Erica.


He’s not the best looking dude, I’ll admit, but he’s become the source of much laughter and fun memories, especially at a particular Red Lobster in central Florida. We aren’t completely in agreement if Erica is a man or woman.  I think he’s supposed to be a girl, but it’s hard to get past the obvious fact that he isn’t.  I keep referring to him as a “he,” and I keep getting in trouble.  You can decide for yourself.

Julia has little coloring books that we take with us to restaurants, and sometimes Emily will color with her.  One day she was feeling particularly silly (and I think Julia had already colored all the Ariels) and decided to “dress up” Prince Eric.  And then she named him Erica and giggled for the rest of the night.  For some reason Erica was torn out of the book and managed to tag along on errands and such, slowly developing into more of a family joke than just a 7-year old’s idea of funny.

Then, while at dinner one nigh during a recent vacation, Emily found Erica in my purse.  She immediately took out my notepad and a pen, and this is what happened next:






Um.  Yeah.

It pretty much ended when our food was brought out, and Erica mysteriously disappeared that night.  He went into the hotel bathroom and never came back out. I honestly don’t know where he went… I think he fell on the floor when I cleaned out my purse.  I had no beef with Erica.  I hope that wherever he is, he knows that.

Fortunately, he was “rediscovered” at dinner the following night, although he didn’t come home with us that time.  But I have a feeling – and I hope it’s right – that Erica will continue to make appearances in the future.  He’s always welcome in our family.


Rest in piece(s), Erica, wherever you are.  See you on the flip side.



4 thoughts on “Meet Erica

  1. Sanne Williamson says:

    Those notes are absolutely hilarious!! My favorite part is: “Maybe you can contact me over the weekend.” 😂😂😂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s awesome when a family shares in good, healthy humor & I miss those days. I remember “dogging” your & Kevins friends & they didn’t know WHAT to make of it, if we were serious or not. Hope you can always remember the good times & keep them alive.

    Papa Bear

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