Another Blog Improvement!

I get asked all the time about my journey as a runner.

So at the advisement of a friend I’ve added a new page to my menu bar.  Just click on the little red circle at the top right of the screen, and the menu bar will pop right up!

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 9.59.41 PM

I’ll be honest – my running career has had its highs and lows.  There are times I love it and times I don’t.  There have been weeks I’ve run more than 30 miles and months where I’ve barely hit 20 miles.  It’s definitely been a wonderful albeit inconsistent journey.

But I wouldn’t change a thing.

When I began running I was most interested in how other runners got started, so that’s where I began my list as well.  All of my other running-related posts are listed in chronological order on this page so that anyone who is interested can follow along on my journey as it happened.

I truly hope that reading my trials and successes with running will both motivate and encourage others to get out there and get moving!






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