Happy 7-Eleven Day!

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Yay, it’s almost 7-Eleven Day!  From 11:00am until 7:00pm you can get a FREE small Slurpee at any participating 7-Eleven! Can you tell I’m happy? 🙂

And how perfect that it falls on a Friday!

Last year I posted some interesting facts about 7-Eleven’s famous beverage, but this year I thought I’d give you some tips on how to make the most of this event.  You know, because I’m all about the Frozen Cokes.

  • Choose Your 7-11 Wisely
    7-Eleven Day can get pretty crazy.  Keep in mind that this is a pretty popular event, and that not everyone will be as clean and careful at the machines as you will.  I’ve been to some locations where there was Slurpee mess on the floor from the front door all the way to the machines – sticky, gross, and almost making me change my mind about getting one.  Almost.  The machines weren’t working well, and the employees were extremely annoyed at everyone.  Since that unfortunate experience I’ve located a fabulous 7-11 near my house that is well-kept all year long, the employees are friendly, their machines are always fully operational, and the supplies are always fully stocked.  Since I know that this event draws a crowd, I like knowing that the rest of the trip will be as pleasant as possible.
  • Do NOT Try to Fill Up Your Car
    I learned this one the hard way.  Again, lots of people all heading to the same place for the same freebie = lots of people also trying to put gas in their cars since they are already stopping.  I know that this might not be the case everywhere, but last year it was crazy, even at my favorite 7-11.  More people, more cars, and more people trying to manipulate those cars to get their tank lined up with the pump just proved to be ridiculous.  I’m in the habit of pumping my gas every Friday when the girls and I get our frozen drinks, but I’m planning to fill up tomorrow instead to avoid the hassle.
  • Don’t Feel Weird Buying an Extra Slurpee
    One of my favorite ways to enjoy a frozen coke now is to get a large, drink half, and stick the rest in the freezer.  Later in the evening after the girls are in bed I pull it out and eat it with a spoon instead of having cookies, cake, or ice cream for dessert.  It curbs my sweet tooth and prevents me from too much fat intake late in the evening. My usual practice is for the girls and I to enjoy our free Slurpees right away, but I also buy myself a small Slurpee to take home and freeze.  I’m still saving a little since I’m not buying a large, and this way I still have something yummy waiting for me after dinner.
  • Be Kind to the Employees
    I can’t stress this enough.  They are going to get a huge increase in customers, many of whom are tired, hungry, and grumpy.  Some of these people are just going to walk in, get their Slurpee, and leave, but a good number will make other purchases while there (including me), which means longer lines.  They also have to keep a closer eye on the customers because of things like theft and small kids running around the store while parents get their drinks – not to mention the people who keep coming back in to get more free Slurpees (I saw one guy try to come back at least 3 times last year).  Just remember, you’re getting something for nothing.  Be nice, and don’t forget to say thank you. 🙂
  • Have Fun!
    Take pictures!  Make memories!  Start a new tradition!  7-Eleven has new mustache Slurpee straws, and I think I’ll be getting them for the girls to celebrate the beverage we love to bond over.  I might even keep them in the car after I wash them so they are ready to go every Friday.  You can also check out http://www.slurpee.com for some fun Slurpee facts and a video on the Slurpee Story, or go to their Facebook event page to RSVP for 7-Eleven Day.


Have a wonderful 7-Eleven Day!

* Image from the 7-Eleven Day Facebook event page.


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