Lego Heads

We are a Lego-loving family.  When we first found out we were pregnant with Emily one of the first things Jay and I both got excited about was that we could play with Legos again.  Not that we’d ever really stopped, though – I used our love of Star Wars and Legos as an excuse to buy Jay big Lego kits to “decorate” his office with before we even had kids.


I have fond memories of playing Legos with my brother for hours upon hours upon hours when we were kids.  We built models of our house, crazy cars, and whatever else we felt like building.  I remember one year Kevin got this incredible pirate ship set, and we had the best time playing with the little maps, peglegged pirates, and treasure chest full of “real” gold coins.


Kevin is, if nothing else, totally awesome, and saved a bin full of his Legos for me to pass on to my kids one day.  And so, when Emily was finally old enough (I think she was 3 or 4 – Jay couldn’t wait any longer), we brought the bin out of the attic and set her loose.  I was thrilled to see that the treasure chest, parrot, skeleton, pirate, and even the treasure map escaped being lost forever and that we could now breathe new life into them.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.04.28 PM

When Emily was about 2 years old a local museum held an exhibit featuring a famous Lego artist, Nathan Sawaya.  My parents and brother were in town visiting, so we all went and checked it out.  His work was absolutely amazing, and the way he used the bricks to convey a message really blew my mind.  If you ever have a chance to visit one of his shows, I highly recommend going.


After the exhibit there was a little room where you could create your own Lego art, and there was no way our group wasn’t going to sit and play for a bit!


When Julia came around, we were excited to explore the world of Duplos.  We sorta skipped that stage with Emily, but since Julia was still putting things in her mouth we couldn’t risk her playing with the smaller pieces.  She received a few sets as Christmas and birthday gifts, and her collection has grown considerably since.  One of our favorite things to do is to make towers out of each of the colors, or to try to make one huge tower out of every single piece she has.  Of course, as soon as the tower is built, it comes crashing down with a, “Let’s do it AGAIN!” from Julia.


We were super excited when Lego started creating sets aimed at girls, and boy, did Emily make out like a bandit that first Christmas and birthday!  Before we knew it she had a cute little Lego neighborhood all laid out on her bedroom floor…


…and it still continues to grow!


We’ve been to the Lego Store for their free build events, and we’ve enjoyed a few trips to Legoland over the past year.  We’ve seen shows about the Lego factory and have built and raced Lego cars at Downtown Disney.  We’ve drooled over the giant kits and imagined what it would be like to build them.  We’ve sat down as a family of four and built ridiculous Duplo animal trains and zoos.  Legos unite us in a way that most of our daughters’ toys cannot – they allow us to invent, design, and create together – and then tear it all down and start over the next day with something entirely new.


Yes, we are a family of Lego-heads.  Little plastic connecting bricks in so many shapes, colors, and themes – and the only limit is your imagination.  What’s not to love?


7 thoughts on “Lego Heads

  1. Gosh, it’s so sad that you weren’t in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. They had Lego KidFest. You and your family would have gone nuts. There was eveyr single type of lego there to build…..Friends…Star Wars….Marvel Superheroes….Ninajo….Chima….everything. Tons of exhibits. Randy took Derek to this and they had an awesome time. They only do these in select cities so Atlanta might be the closest one to you guys. You should definitely check it out for another year….it’s amazing! I will post some pictures on my blog soon and you can see. Here’s a link…you’ve got to go if you can next time!


    • Yes! We’ve heard of it, and Atlanta is definitely the closest city that holds it. Unfortunately, none of the dates have worked for us so far, but we are still hopeful that we might make it to one in the future! 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing it on your blog!

  2. Sanne Williamson says:

    Legos definitely are awesome and as you know my boys are hooked!
    Love this post and Benjamin really enjoyed all the pictures especially the one of the treasure chest! 😃

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL wow Sue, where did you EVER find that pic of me? Funny thing is I do remember that colored toy bin on the top left. I don’t remember that shirt though. LOL love and miss ya Sue.

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