My Mad Lego Skillz

Ok, I’m going to beg apologies right off the bat.

I’m about to toot my own horn here.  Pat myself on the back.  Give myself a giant chocolate-chip cookie.  Award myself the trophy.  Ride on the float in a ticker-tape parade.

But it is my blog, so here it is: I rock at Legos.

Not too long ago Julia begged me to play with some of Emily’s Legos, so I pulled out the bin of random pieces my awesome brother gave her years ago.  She stuck random pieces together, and I built a model of Emily’s room.  Boo-yah.


To prove my awesomeness to the world – actually, just so that I’ve officially documented this for Emily’s sake – I took photos of her room on a rarer-than-a-sasquatch-sighting day when I could actually see the floor, and posted those here next to the Lego replicas I made.

Here’s her bedroom:


Starting at the bottom left corner and working clockwise, the model features her desk and the dresser we decoupaged (complete with her hermit crab cage & hermit crab)…



…her nightstand, stuffed animal-covered bed, and bookshelves…



…and the toybox my dad built for her when she was born.



Obviously, it’s not to scale, and obviously it’s not an exact replica, but I think it’s pretty darn good, considering Lego doesn’t have heart-shaped IKEA print bedpreads or animal-print girly-colored bricks.

It appears that Emily agrees with me… later I went back to her room to find she did this:


Is it okay to toot my horn again? 😛

5 thoughts on “My Mad Lego Skillz

  1. That is SO cool!!! If only I could be half as creative with the thirty thousand lego bricks Liam has!!! Great job!! 😊💐💕

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