New Boots

There once was a little girl, and she had a pair of ladybug boots that she loved very much.  The boots were worn almost daily, no matter the weather.  When they were too big, her mommy put ponytail holders on the top to hold them up.  When they got smelly, her mommy would wash them.  When they were starting to wear holes in the bottom… well, the little girl and mommy shed some tears together.  True story.

IMG_0361 Although her mommy explained that they were too small and too worn, the little girl would ask to wear the ladybug boots nearly every day. That is, until one day, when the little girl discovered the existence of rain boots… and the ladybug boots were never spoken of again.  Instead, the little girl began to obsess over having rain boots of her very own.  She insisted that they would be just right for the rain.  That they would be so good for her feet. That she would be very happy to have them on her feet.  That mommy and daddy should go buy them right now.



As the little girl’s birthday approached, her mommy began looking online for the perfect rain boots.  Although she tried to be secretive about her research, the little girl was quite nosy.  She peeked over her mommy’s shoulder and firmly stated that she really wanted the monkey rain boots she saw on the screen.  For days and days afterward she talked about those monkey rain boots.  Nonstop.  Relentlessly.  At the most unexpected moment and in the most random of situations she could be heard asking for those boots for her birthday.



And so, being the good mommy that she was, the request for pink monkey boots was sent along to Grandma.  And on the day of the little girl’s birthday celebration – as the she was still exclaiming how much she wanted the boots – she opened the last box and there they were.  Despite the fact that they were just a tad too large, the little girl was determined to wear them immediately, and began clomping around the house in them, much to everyone’s delight. She even insisted on wearing them all evening while the family traveled about town celebrating her birthday.  Mommy brought backup shoes in case the little girl tired of the boots, but they sat unused in her purse – she wore those boots proudly the rest of the evening.



One day, after a rain that fell without a hint of lightning or thunder (unusual in this part of the land), the little girl’s mommy took her to a puddle to splash in her new pink monkey rain boots.  The little girl was beside herself, jumping in every puddle she saw. From that day forward, if the little girl saw the smallest bit of a dark cloud in the sky, she would wear her rain boots.  And sometimes (actually lots of times) even if there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. 🙂

Move over, ladybug boots – you’ve met your match.  This little girl is growing up. ❤

2 thoughts on “New Boots

  1. Too cute! You should play that boots song for her by the Laurie Berkner Band! B used to love it and dance along in his rain boots!

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