Humor on the Road

One of my favorite things about my dad is his childlike sense of humor.  He has the ability to laugh at the most ridiculous things.  At times it can be borderline inappropriate – a mispronounced word from a child or an improbably timed burp can get a snicker out of him before he realizes there are other (less easily entertained) adults in the room.

I am my father’s daughter, and the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.  I, too, am guilty of letting out an unintentional giggle at inopportune times.  It’s embarrassing, especially when I misunderstand someone’s comments and interpret them as funny when they were intended to be quite the opposite.

My dad and I get each other though, at least on this level, and sometime over the past few years we started texting each other the funny things we saw on the road.

These are some of our favorites, beginning with this strange little golf cart-type contraption my dad saw on the road not long ago.  This thing was carrying two people and was moving at about 40 mph!

photo 2-1

Emily and I noticed this one at a local playground… perhaps they were looking for child-sized snacks to take back to the raptors?

photo 1

I still say this one looks like it’s compensating for something…

photo 2

We can’t figure out what this thing is supposed to be, but maybe we are better off not knowing.

photo 4

Julia saw this one, and she was really upset that the guys had wings.  Truthfully, it was her relentless insistence that, “Persons can NOT fly in the air with those wings!” that made this van worth sharing.

photo 3

One of the girls’ favorite road trip snacks (Pirate’s Booty) has this written on the back of their vehicles:


This one was downright creepy.  I believe it was either for a kennel service or dog training, but all I could think of was Zuul.  And then the Ghostbusters song was stuck in my head for days. 


And here is my current favorite.  Whoever was in charge of this truck’s design undoubtably has a sense of humor akin to my dad’s and mine.  It’s just plain awesome.

photo 1-1I’m headed out on another road trip soon, and I’ll most definitely be looking out for more like these on the road.  It’s a nice distraction from all the maniacs out there. 😀


2 thoughts on “Humor on the Road

  1. Sanne Williamson says:

    Hahaha! This is awesome!! What a fun thing for you and your dad to do!!
    I’ll have to keep my eyes open and send you pics if I ever see something funny on the road! 😄

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