One of the Great Mysteries of My Life

I may have gone off my rocker, but I’m going to put this out there.  But I want answers. Shoot, I’ll even settle for plausible theories.

What I’m about to show you has bothered me for ages.  I’ve pondered, hypothesized, and undoubtably given this much more of my brain power than it deserves.  I’m confident that others out there have taken notice of it too – although they are probably too well-mannered to admit it – and I’m hoping that someone can help me out.

Here’s what I want to know: exactly how does this happen?


I apologize if it wasn’t what you were expecting.  But every time I see a toilet seat that’s all scratched up or peeling I’m seriously disturbed for hours later.

I just don’t get it.  I’m going to make a generalized statement here based on what I know about bottoms, but as far as I’ve experienced, tushies are smooth… soft… mushy.  A bare behind will give easily, conforming somewhat to the shape it is sitting on.  Don’t believe me?  Spend some time on the potty and then look at your tush in the mirror.  That red mark you see is proof that our rear ends don’t offer much resistance.

So what on earth is causing these toilet seats to peel & scratch off?  Faulty plastic? People with spiky pants constantly forgetting to remove them before sitting to do their business?  Impatient toddlers beating on the seats while waiting for their mommies to button back up?  Disgruntled employees sick of cleaning the bathroom beating the toilet with the bottle of spray cleaner?


I’m at a loss.  In this particular restaurant, there were 4 stalls.  I checked, and two of the toilets had smooth seats, the other two looked like this.  It looks to me like there’s a smooth toilet seat under that peeling mess yearning to be set free.

I’m aware that this may haunt me for life – that I may never know the answer.  I’m no germaphobe, but for the record this is the only attention one of these seats has ever gotten from me.  Blech.


4 thoughts on “One of the Great Mysteries of My Life

  1. Sanne Williamson says:

    My intelligent guess is that looking at your close-up photo it is a really cheap-ass (no pun intended… 😂) toilet seat so it’s peeling from lots of use and cleaning materials.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I too agree with the cleaning solutions used. We have several Ultrasound probes where if you don’t use the EXACT cleaning agent prescribed for that probe, it will damage it beyond repair. Or it will make the plastic brittle.
    OR it could be “The THING” visited that bathroom during a break in one of his fights” 🙂

    Papa Bear

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