KID Hero 5K – A Super Race!

I’ve been completely honest about my lack of running this summer.


But there’s a funny thing that I’ve begun to notice, at least for myself.  I’m calling it the I’ve-Signed-Up-For-Another-Race-So-I’d-Better-Start-Running-Again phenomenon. Basically, I’m finding that when I’m too busy, too hot, or too lazy to run, an upcoming run is the kick in the butt I need to keep going.

And fortunately for my mushier-by-the-day butt, I just completed another 5K. 🙂

IMG_0473This time it was the KID Hero 5K, benefitting Kids in Distress.  Our registration fees and any other funds raised went straight to the organization, which works to prevent child abuse and treats children who have been abused or neglected.

My friends Jen and Tina invited me to join them for this event, which was their first 5K, and I eagerly accepted. Runners and walkers were encouraged to wear costumes representing their favorite superheros, and we were only too happy to get in on the fun. Tina found some shirts with the Batman logo on them – hers even had a cape -and we were ready to go!


I picked them both up the morning of the run and we headed off to the race location. We had to sign in at the registration tent once we got there, and they gave us our bib numbers and pins (walkers did not receive a bib).  At another tent we received a bag, water bottle, and T-shirt.  Right after I signed in I ran into another good friend, Gillian, who also happened to be wearing Batman attire.  I grew up with Gillian but hadn’t seen her for years, so it was pretty amazing running into her at this event. 🙂


It rained a little right before we headed off to the starting line, but fortunately stopped right before they sang the National Anthem.  Then everyone counted down, and we were off!


The race took us through the streets of the city and neighborhoods downtown, right in the same area Emily and I ran for the Color Run (although it was a different route).  It was awesome running with so many other “heros.”  There were all sorts of costumed walkers and runners, from the head-to-toe Hulk muscle suit to cute little babies with capes on to groups sporting matching shirts.  I ran with Tina for the first mile or so, then caught up with Jen and finished the race with her.  It rained off and on throughout the run, which helped counteract the crazy summer morning heat.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.20.08 PMAfter the race we checked out our finishing times – I somehow managed to come in 6th in my age group!  Not too shabby considering I haven’t really run much all summer, although looking at these other times I think the best I could have done might be 5th place.  Thank goodness my only goal is to finish, no matter how long it takes me. 😀


I had so much fun!  It was an awesome 5K, one I’d definitely do again.  Tina and Jen have caught the Race Bug though, and we’re already planning on doing a few more together in the upcoming months. These races are much more fun with friends!

20140802_091831The three of us parted ways after the race, and of course I went and picked up my traditional post-run treat at Starbucks.

Is there any other way to reward yourself for completing a super 3.1-mile run? 😉


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