Pony Bead Sun Catchers

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.56.19 PMOne of the things the girls and I had on our summer checklist was to make sun catchers out of pony beads.  I love my patio area, and I love the idea of my girls’ creativity being displayed out there.  I came across this idea on Pinterest, and it seemed to be a perfect summer craft – simple enough for Julia, intricate enough for Emily, and great for a rainy day – which is pretty much a daily guarantee where we live.


The process is super easy – buy beads, place beads in pan, bake beads, remove beads, drill beads, hang beads.  But just in case there are more of me out there who love details, I’ll break it down a little better. 🙂


  • pony beads
  • cake pan
  • muffin tin
  • oven
  • drill
  • twine / fishing line / string


  1. Acquire pony beads.  I recommend getting the most vividly-colored beads you can find.  Ours seemed to be on the paler side, and the colors don’t pop as much as I expected.
  2. Arrange beads in cake pan or muffin tin. I’m not sure that it makes much difference, since the beads will melt out flat anyway, but we placed them so that we could easily see the hole in the middle of each bead.  The muffin tins were a perfect size for Julia, Emily, and her friend Leila to fill, but it was easier to create an image in the cake pan. Julia’s on a Humpty Dumpty kick right now, so I was ordered to make him sitting on his wall (see bottom right).
  3. Bake in the oven.  We set the oven for 400 degrees and 25 minutes, but I pulled them out after 20 minutes… the melting beads emitted the worst smell while in the oven (melting plastic, ya know), but I opened a door and turned on a fan and it completely dissipated within 15 minutes. I placed the pans outside on cookie sheets to cool, then just popped them right out of the pans.IMG_0410
  4. Drill holes for hanging.  Pretty simple.  The suncatchers didn’t seem to be brittle, but I made my holes a little away from the edges anyway.IMG_0446
  5. Tie on string and enjoy!

We decided to hang ours along our patio fence.  Since our community requires us to paint our fences white, the colors in the suncatchers really pop!


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