Legos on the Go – A Super Easy DIY Project

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I’ve talked a bit about my family’s love of Legos. We’ve done free builds at the Lego store, used them to help teach Julia her colors, and even built a mini replica of Emily’s room. We just love Legos. And as far as I’m concerned, the next best thing to playing with Legos is giving them away as a gift. Legos are one of my favorite gifts to give – they easily cover both “fun” and “educational” categories, making them an ideal choice to purchase for kids of just about any age.


When I signed up for Pinterest (you can follow me on Pinterest here), one of the first things I saw that I truly wanted to make myself was a Lego box – a wooden, handled, case that you could store Legos in. On the top was a Lego “plate,” a flat board with Lego pegs to stick the Legos on, making this an ideal box to bring in the car for road trips or even for spending a rainy afternoon at Grandma’s house. I tried a few craft stores, and eventually found a suitable box at Hobby Lobby.


The Lego box is super easy to make.

  1. Paint – I used acrylic paint to cover the entire box, both on the outside and the inside, being sure to let it dry thoroughly before closing or turning it over. I opted to add a little dashed-line detail around some of the edges for interest, but you could easily add little flowers, bubbles, hearts, wavy lines, chevrons… you get the idea.
  2. Seal – Once I had the box fully painted and dried I sprayed three coats of acrylic sealer (matte) over every painted surface to help prevent the paint from being scratched off.
  3. Glue – After the sealer dried (no longer tacky), I hot-glued the Lego plate to the top, taking care to center it on the lid.
  4. Fill – We used some random larger blocks Emily had in her bin that she wasn’t using. Since our first Lego box recipient was a pre-schooler, he was just outgrowing Duplos and we didn’t want to buy a set with small pieces. It would be fun though to include a small boxed set though!


As I mentioned, my first Lego box was for a sweet friend’s little boy, Will, who had just celebrated a birthday (he and my brother are birthday twins!). Since his family was also days away from moving away, it seemed like the perfect gift for the upcoming long drive to their new home. I was thrilled when he sat right down and started playing. 🙂 His mom later reported that it had indeed proven to be a great road trip toy. Success!


I’ve since made one more Lego box, this time for my best friend’s son (who funny enough is Emily’s birthday twin). Although he’s 8 and too cool to say it himself, the word on the street is that he’s pretty happy with it too. 😀


I’m hoping to make one for each of the girls as a Christmas gift. It should be fun to paint them in more girly colors and add some of those hearts and flowers!

7 thoughts on “Legos on the Go – A Super Easy DIY Project

  1. Benjamin definitely loves his Lego box and it’s already come on a few trips! 👍
    Such a cool gift- thanks again!! 😊

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