Months of the Year


This is one of 31 calendar-related activities I’m posting for my 31 Days writing challenge. Click here to see the other activities I’ve posted!

I like to start working on what month we are in very early on, before the first week is over. Since months don’t change and repeat as frequently as the days of the week do I like to spend as much time as possible helping Julia practice reading and recognizing the current month.

Every day, before adding the new date, spend a minute discussing the current month. You might want to point out any upcoming holidays or special days in the month (we like to find the days Emily won’t be in school 🙂 ), even if those days have already passed, as that provides a great “remember when?” moment!

Example dialog:
“Let’s look at the calendar to see what month we are in! I see here at the top of the calendar that we are in the month of October. Can you say the name of this month? Fabulous job!”

One of the things we love to do every day is say the months of the year, pointing to the current month on the calendar as we get to it. You can also sing the Months of the Year song, sing to the tune of the “Ten Little” song, like this cute video below. Be warned – you might find yourselves singing it all day long!


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