Initial Sounds with the Months


This is one of 31 calendar-related activities I’m posting for my 31 Days writing challenge. Click here to see the other activities I’ve posted!

One of my favorite things about using a calendar to teach is that not only does it cover important foundational math skills, but you can also use it to teach basic reading skills! An easy way to reinforce letter sounds with the calendar is by focusing on the initial letter of the current month, stretching out the initial sound as you read it.

IMG_1676Example dialog:
“We are in the month of September. September begins with the letter S, and S makes the sound /s/. /s/-/s/-September.” Can you point to the S in September? Great! Now can you make the /s/ sound with me? Fabulous!”

If your preschooler already knows letter names and sounds, you can challenge them a bit more by asking them what letter the month begins with, and what sound that letter makes.

Julia and I don’t do this activity every day, just every few days and usually just as a quick reminder of how we can use the first letter of a word to help us “get our mouths ready” to read the word. 🙂

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