Find the Number

31dayslarge2This is one of 31 calendar-related activities I’m posting for my 31 Days writing challenge.
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By now you’ve most likely been doing calendar activities with your preschooler for a few days. Once we are about a week into the month, I start letting Julia look through a few random number cards to find the number for the current date. Instead of just handing her the number, this forces her to practice her number recognition skills. We don’t do this activity every day, only about once or twice a week.

IMG_1710You could make this activity as easy or as challenging as you like! Here are a few different ways I have Julia find the current date, depending on how much I want to challenge her:

  • Place 3-10 dates on the floor in a line, all numbers upright
  • Place 3-10 dates on the floor in rows, numbers facing all directions
  • Place 3-10 dates on the floor in a jumble, numbers facing all directions
  • Turn dates upside down on floor or hold in hand like a deck of cards, have your preschooler choose one at a time until they find the right number
  • Find dates with similar digits as an extra challenge (24, 25, 26, 27) (8, 18, 28) for your child to locate the current date from.

Just remember that if your preschooler is struggling, it’s okay to guide him to the right answer – if it’s too difficult for him, you’re both only going to end up frustrated. The goal is to have fun! 🙂

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