Which Card Says Monday?

31dayslarge2This is one of 31 calendar-related activities I’m posting for my 31 Days writing challenge.
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I mentioned in this post that having a separate card for each day of the week would enable you to do more calendar activities with your preschooler, and it’s time I brought one of those activities to you! 🙂

Now that you are a couple of weeks into your daily calendar routine, it’s possible that your child is catching on to some of your “tricks” when it comes to reading the day of the week. This is a good thing! Julia is starting to tell me the day of the week we are on as soon as I point to it, before we sing our song or talk about what letter it begins with. She’s beginning to realize that some of the days begin with a letter that none of the other days begin with (M, W, F), and shouts it out. If your child is doing something similar, it might be time to let them look among the day of the week cards and let them find the correct day on their own by matching the letters.

IMG_1924Instead of handing your child the current day of the week card, lay out all of the cards and see if your preschooler can locate the card by looking at the letters. As always, you can help him as much as necessary, modeling how to find the right card.

Example Dialog:
“You are so smart – it is Wednesday! Now, let’s look through all the cards to see if we can find the one that says Wednesday. I know that it begins with the letter W… do you see a word that begins with W? Yes! There it is! Now, let’s check to see if all the other letters match… W-E-D-N-E-S-D-A-Y. They do! Stupendous work!”

I’ve started letting Julia find the card, and she absolutely loves being the one to pull it out! Of course, Saturday and Sunday are a little trickier and require more modeling from me and more double-checking from her. The same goes for Tuesday and Thursday, although if your child is strong in their letter-sound relationships you can begin modeling the /th/ sound in Thursday, giving them another clue to distinguish the two days that start with T from each other.

IMG_1918Isn’t it fun to watch their skills develop? 🙂


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