Build a Word!


This is one of 31 calendar-related activities I’m posting for my 31 Days writing challenge.
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We’ve sung the days of the week song, we’ve learned to place it in the chart to complete a sentence, we’ve even started counting the number of months in a year and days in a week. Woo hoo! Today’s activity requires just a little preparation, but it’s one that I’m pretty sure your preschooler will enjoy.

You’re going to be making… (drumroll please)… word puzzles! Yay!

IMG_1999 There are a few materials you could use to make your puzzles… index cards cut into strips, die-cut letters, popsicle sticks with the letters written on them, or even actual puzzle pieces – the possibilities are endless! The key is to use something interesting in order to grasp your preschooler’s attention and make them want to engage in the activity. I chose to use Legos for one of my activities, and wrote a different letter on each block with a china marker so I could easily wipe it clean afterwards with a magic eraser.


Once you decide on what you want to use to make your puzzle, get your materials ready by writing (or putting a letter sticker) on each piece for the day or month you want to have your child assemble.

After identifying the current day of the week and placing the card in your sentence chart, show your preschooler the puzzle pieces and tell her that she is going to be making the word herself with the pieces. Model how to check the puzzle with the word card to be sure all the letters are in the right place. Once you build the word, read it together.

IMG_1995Example dialog:
“Today is Saturday, and we are going to use these popsicle sticks to make the word Saturday. See? Each popsicle stick has a different letter on it, and if I put the letters in the right places I can make the word ‘Saturday.’ Let me see what comes first… Oh! I see that I need the capital ‘S’ first. Then comes an ‘a,’ then a ‘t…’ (continue until you get to the last letter). Ok, I put all my letters in the right places, so now I can read my word. It says ‘Saturday!’ Terrific job!”

I love the flexibility of this activity, both in the materials and the words you can use as subject matter for the puzzle. And I’m willing to bet your preschooler is going to love it too! 🙂

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