Cute & Easy Disney Stateroom Door Decorations

Going on a Disney Cruise? I’ve got three words for you: Decorate. Your. Door.

Door Decor

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cardstock in black and red (for Mickey’s shorts)
  • Patterned paper (for the bows and the buttons on the shorts)
  • Circle cutter (or you could trace cups/bowls)
  • Doublestick tape
  • Embellishments (optional, I used 3D bump circles with sparkles to add interest)
  • Laminator (not required, but recommended)
  • Magnets


Here’s how to make them:

Mickey/Minnie Head – Cut out 1 large circle and 2 small circles from the black cardstock. There’s no real science to this, I just kept cutting out circles and holding them up until I liked the way the ears sized up with the head. Use the tape to adhere the ears to the head.

FullSizeRenderMickey’s Clothing – Use the same bowl/cup you used for the head and place it along the edge of the red cardstock. Trace and cut out, so that you have a half-circle. Tape it to the bottom half of the black cardstock head. Cut out two small oval shapes (I used an oval cutter) out of the yellow patterned paper and place them on the red cardstock for the buttons.


Minnie’s Bow – This one was a little tricker. I free-handed a bow shape with a pencil, making bows until I reached a size I liked. Then I just traced that bow 3 times onto the green, blue, and red patterned papers and taped them to the top of the head, adding little matching ovals to the center of each bow. If you don’t trust yourself to draw a bow, you could always find an image online, print it and cut it out, using that to trace out bows.


Laminate the Mickey and Minnie heads. This is totally optional, but if you plant to reuse them for another trip, I recommend it. Plus I just love laminating things. 🙂


Embellishments – They aren’t easy to see, but I placed the colored stickers on the head they matched… so Mickey’s yellow buttons got the yellow bump stickers, Emily’s green bow got the green bump stickers, etc.


Magnets – Add a magnet to the back. Disney does NOT allow anything to be taped to the stateroom doors, so don’t forget this step!

That’s it! Once I figured out the sizes I wanted for the head and ears they were pretty easy and quick to make. And they turned out so cute! We received many compliments on them, and even a few presents from fellow cruise door decorators. We can’t wait to put them up on our next stateroom door!


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