I Spy a Sight Word!


This is one of 31 calendar-related activities I’m posting for my 31 Days writing challenge.
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So… your preschooler is learning a new word a week. They are clapping, spinning, and shouting the spelling of these words like crazy. They can read them and maybe even write them on their own. But here’s the real test: can they identify them in a book when the words are surrounded by other text?


I don’t know your preschooler, but I’m pretty confident that they love being read to – I’ve never met one that didn’t. 🙂 But it won’t be long until your sweet cherub-faced 3 year-old is entering Kindergarten, and they are going to be expected to do just that: recognize the words they’ve learned when confronted with them in print.

Once your child has learned a sight word (meaning they can read the word card out loud almost immediately after it is shown to them and/or locate the sight word card in a mix of other sight word cards), he should be able to identify the word when being read to.

Choose a favorite book that has the focus sight word in it at least once (even if the word is just in an illustration). Snuggle up with your child, and tell them that their word is somewhere in the book and that they are going to help you read it whenever they see it in the book. Be sure to move your finger under the words as you read the story so you child can be ready to read with you!

FullSizeRenderExample dialog:
“Let’s read Go Dog Go tonight. I can already see that your new word ‘go’ is in the title two times! I need you to keep your eyes open so you can help me read it if you see it, even if it’s in the picture, okay? Now, let’s read the title again together. What’s the first word? You know that word! Yes, it’s ‘go!’ You’re an amazing reader!”

I love this activity because it can be done daily, and doesn’t have to be squeezed into all the other calendar activities. As your child builds her sight word vocabulary, they will be able to help you read more and more of the text. So exciting! We do this activity at bedtime each night, with whatever story Julia chooses, and she absolutely LOVES it when she knows the words! ❤

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