Match the Number


This is one of 31 calendar-related activities I’m posting for my 31 Days writing challenge.
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This is a fun game to play once you are nearing the end of the month and your calendar is full of number dates.

Take some sticky notes and write calendar numbers on them with a marker (25, 6, 31, 12, etc.). Hand your preschooler a numbered sticky note and have them stick it on the matching calendar number, saying the number together as it is placed. So easy! 🙂


Example dialog:
“Wowee! We have so many numbers on our calendar now! Let’s play a number matching game. Here’s a sticky note with the number 16 on it. Can you tell me this number? Great, it is 16! Now, see if you can find the number 16 on the calendar. Yes, there it is! Put the number 16 sticky note on the number 16 on the calendar. What is that number again? 16! Yes! You are a ROCK STAR!”

IMG_2480There are so many sticky notes out there in various shapes and colors, you could really have a lot of fun with this one! And if your child is learning to write their numbers, you could turn the game around and have her copy 2-3 numbers onto sticky notes for you to match. Kids love it when we don’t know how to do things they can do! 😀

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