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31dayslarge2This is one of 31 calendar-related activities I’m posting for my 31 Days writing challenge.
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So you and your preschooler have been singing about the months of the year and the days of the week (if not, you can find those videos here and here). Now it’s time for your child to put that knowledge into action!

Your calendar kit most likely came with months of the year cards and days of the week cards that you’ve been using as part of your display and daily “Today is ____” activity. If not, you can easily make what you need by either writing the months and days on index cards, or printing them and cutting them apart so each month and day are on their own card.

For this activity you and your preschooler are going to work together to put the months of the year or days of the week in order. And don’t worry – no reading is required (at least, not on your child’s part). Her job is to tell you what comes next, and place the cards in the right order on the table or floor. Once all the cards are in order, read them together.

FullSizeRenderExample dialog:
“You are so good at singing the months of the year! Let’s take all the cards that have the months of the year on them and see if we can put them all in the right order. So what comes first when we say the months of the year? Yes, January! Here’s the card that says ‘January,’ let’s put that here. What comes after January? February, yes! You can put the February card right below the January card. (Keep going until you complete all the months/days). Now that we did all the months, let’s say them all one more time to check our work. (Say/sing the months/days together while pointing to each word). Wahoo! You did it! I’m so impressed that you figured it out!”

Since your child is more frequently exposed to the days of the week, it may be a little easier to introduce this activity with those instead of the months. And if your preschooler is becoming really adapt at recognizing the days of the week written on the cards, they might be ready to do this on their own sooner than you think – just be prepared to gently guide them to the correct answers whenever they get stuck. 🙂

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