Let’s Celebrate!


This is one of 31 calendar-related activities I’m posting for my 31 Days writing challenge.
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You did it! Day 31! You now have 30 different calendar-related activities (actually more, since I snuck in a few extras here and here) that you can work through with your preschooler, many of them on a daily basis. You and your preschooler have learned songs, watched videos to build the foundation for new concepts, incorporated arts and crafts to reinforce a few, and even got your bodies moving to help your child learn basic sight words.

So what else is there to do on the last day of the month but celebrate?

Once you complete all of your activities for the last day of the month, take a few minutes to recap what you did throughout the month. Talk about events and holidays, things that your child will be likely to remember and contribute details to. Let him know that tomorrow starts a new month, with new activities and adventures. Sing the months of the year song and help her predict what the next month is going to be. Sometimes children are confused when they see “empty” days on the calendar (if the month ends on a Monday, for example, they may not understand why Tuesday-Saturday won’t get a number). Explain that months only have a certain number of days, and that the current month only has ___ days. Since the next month is a new month, he gets to start all over again at the top of the calendar with the number 1, but that it will still be a Thursday (or whatever day tomorrow will be).

Example dialog:
“This is it – the last day of October! We did so many fun things this month, didn’t we? We celebrated Daddy’s birthday, we went to the zoo, and visited the pumpkin patch! Can you think of anything else we did in October? Yes, we did just go to a birthday party and you wore your costume! Tomorrow we start a new month, November. We’re going to take away the word ‘October’ and change it to say ‘November.’ All these numbers are going to come off too, and we will start November with the number 1 and with a new pattern. Since tomorrow is Saturday, we will have to put the number 1 below the word ‘Saturday’ on our calendar. You’ve done such a great job this month, are you ready to celebrate?”

It just so happens that this series is wrapping up on Halloween, which easily lends itself to celebrating the last day of October. Our girls will be trick-or-treating as part of our end-of-the-month celebration, but here are a few other ways you can make the day special:

  • Make a collage of things you did during the month using stickers, photos, or images cut from magazines.
  • Read a book that talks about the current month or an event/holiday that occurred in the month.
  • Bake cupcakes and decorate them with fun seasonal sprinkles (we’re actually making Halloween brownies).


  • Blow up a few balloons and decorate the calendar with them – or just play with them!
  • Start a calendar tradition, and visit the same ice-cream store on the last day of every month.
  • Make something to decorate the house for the next month’s season or holiday (Julia painted a turkey)


  • Play the “Goodbye, _______” Game – throughout the day, whenever you say the name of the current month, your preschooler has to say, “Goodbye, ______!” to the month.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this series, and that you continue to enjoy calendar time with your smarter-by-the-day preschooler! 🙂

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