Drinks, Date Night, & a Dream House

Between work travels, school obligations, and other random scheduling conflicts, it seems like Jay and I have hardly had time to have a full conversation lately. It was time for another date night, and this time we wanted to talk about our next home.

We are in the extremely early stages of house hunting, which basically means we are examining our budget, saving as much money as we can, and scouting potential suburbs. And, of course, watching a LOT of HGTV. House Hunters, Love It or List It, and the Property Brothers are our current favorites, and weโ€™ve noticed that all of them have (not surprisingly) sparked the same conversation every time: what would we want in our Dream Home?

IMG_2453For this date nightย we were able to get out on our own, so we headed to dinner and set some parameters over our first round of drinks for the night. First off, our Dream House had to be realistic. Anything too expensive, too extravagant, or too out-there was out. So that meant no beach homes, no 5-car garages, and no houses only accessible by ferry. Jay was bummed about that one, but I like walking to the grocery store. ๐Ÿ™‚

After dinner we got in the car and headed to Starbucks for our second round of drinks. Then we hit the road – Jay driving us around town with the windows down while I took notes in my notebook. We broke everything down by room, adding things in as we thought of them.


And… welcome to our dream house! Well, on paper, at least…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall Features

  • safe neighborhood
  • good schools
  • ranch-style home
  • 5 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms plus den/office space
  • 2ยฝ – 3 bathrooms
  • 2-3 car garage
  • easy access to attic
  • high, popcorn-free ceilings
  • crown molding
  • hardwood floors
  • hurricane protection
  • closet storage
  • nice light fixtures
  • no further from Jayโ€™s job than our current home


  • wood cabinets
  • premium counters
  • stainless steel appliances
  • double sink
  • pantry
  • good storage
  • island with a place to sit on stools
  • office-style workspace

Master Bedroom

  • water view
  • walk in closet – either 2 separate closets or one large enough to hold a dresser
  • sitting area

Master Bath

  • double sinks
  • white toilet/sinks
  • Roman tub
  • large shower
  • good water pressure
  • storage space

Bedrooms (including Den/Office space)

  • nice closets
  • larger than current bedrooms

Other Bathrooms

  • white toilets/sinks
  • tub/shower combo in at least one
  • counter space
  • storage

Laundry Roomย 

  • cabinets
  • sink
  • front-lading washer/dryer
  • counter space for folding and a TV
  • ironing space ๐Ÿ™‚
  • wall space for a hanging rack


  • pool
  • fenced in yard
  • screened porch
  • trees

Iโ€™m sure our relator is going to love us. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seriously though, we donโ€™t expect to find all of this in one house. I think our main goal is to find a house in a good neighborhood with good schools that isnโ€™t farther from Jayโ€™s office than we are now. We know that a lot of these things we can change ourselves once we move into a home (like the white toilets), and that we should focus on the bigger, harder-to-change items (like the number of bedrooms). And when it comes time to actually look for a new home, I promise we will have our priorities straightened out.

IMG_2454But wouldn’t it be totally awesome to find a home with everything we want? I mean, isn’t that why we are calling it our dream home?

Maybe while I’m at it I should add that we’d like it to be located near a Starbucks…. ๐Ÿ™‚

14 thoughts on “Drinks, Date Night, & a Dream House

  1. My mom always said when buying a house you need to focus on the things you can’t change like location and size. Like you said, you can always add white toilets but you can never change the neighborhood!! Good luck!!

    P.S. There’s some beautiful houses in CT ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. You will find it! Don’t forget to consider new construction. We have built our last two homes, and they weren’t any more expensive than the resales we were looking at, AND the best part was everything was new and we got to pick out what we wanted (the silestone countertops, the cabinet colors, the hardwood flooring colors, the toilet color!, etc.) The economy is still down enough to make the cost of new construction worth a look. I personally will never buy another resale….new construction is the only way to go in my opinion. I would say that would probably get you the closest to checking off the most things own your dream list. Good luck!

  3. This is so awesome! Conversations like this are the best.
    Your future home will be absolutely wonderful.
    I am a little insulted you didn’t add to your list that it can’t be too far from your bestie… Hahaha!!!
    John and I dream about a kitchen makeover one day and we really want an island with seats too- so fun!

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